Elaine Ng’s (吳綺莉) 17-year-old daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林) was spotted in the streets with her new girlfriend, a short blonde-haired girl who is around 30-years-old.  The couple reportedly rented a 200 sq. ft. subdivided unit in North Point and are living together.

Paparazzi reported the couple as inseparable. They shared meals and would wear matching outfits. Paparazzi also managed to snap a picture of Etta embracing her girlfriend in a protective manner.

In March, Etta and her mother got in an incredibly heated argument that ended with police involvement. Their fight stemmed from an incident that happened at Etta’s school.  Elaine is not completely in the dark about Etta’s sexual orientation—according to Elaine, Etta’s girlfriend frequently visits her.

Although Elaine and Etta’s relationship improved following the days of Etta’s hospitalization, it has been reported that their relationship took another new low again, prompting Etta to move out of the house as soon as possible. Along with her girlfriend, they rented a small 200 sq. ft. apartment in North Point, paying nearly HK$10,000 a month for the room.

Etta’s girlfriend is from Canada and is a social media star. She is known by the name “Andiautumn”.

– http://www.jaynestars.com