Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak speaks at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on May 7, 2013. Najib began a second term on May 6 after the coalition which has ruled for 56 years held on to power in elections branded as fraudulent by a bitter opposition. AFP PHOTO / MOHD RASFAN

SOME creative Twitter users with a wry sense of humour are slowly turning Najib Razak’s now infamous “kepala bapak kau” (literally “your father’s head”) insult into an internet meme.

A few videos have surfaced on the microblogging platform mocking the prime minister’s remark, which he uttered in his speech at the 64th MCA annual general assembly last Sunday.

He was responding to the opposition’s claim that he was selling Malaysia’s sovereignty by working on several projects with China.

In the first video posted on BH’s‏ (@ateeennnnggggg) account, two short clips are placed side-by-side.

In the first clip, Najib is seen giving a speech where he said, “In Malaysia, when the petrol prices increase, the prime minister is blamed. Where’s the logic in that?”

The second clip shows iconic actor P. Ramlee as Abdul Wahub in the film “Tiga Abdul” (The Three Abduls) saying “kepala bapak kau”, as if in reply to Najib’s speech.

A second video posted on mistaahmad’s‏ (@mista_ahmad) page, uses the same format but features a clip from 2015, where then Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan famously said, “Harga barang turun kerana GST.” (The price of goods will reduce because of the goods and services tax (GST)).

In reply, the next clip shows Najib saying “kepala bapak kau”.

The comment was even brought up in Parliament yesterday when Ampang MP, Zuraida Kamarudin, indirectly took aim at Najib when she said that using aggressive phrases are a sign of mental illness.

Her comment ruffled some feathers among BN MPs.

In a more lighthearted and less political tweet, yunus (@Im12btw_) used Najib’s remark in reply to a question on every student’s lips, “Cikgu, ada soalan spot?” (Teacher, can spot any questions for exam?)

Other Twitter users are also having fun with the phrase. Most notably, prominent lawyer Azhar Harun changed his screen name to “Kepala Bapak Cow” in reference to the insult.