The mysterious identity of the ‘Datuk Seri’ who allegedly assaulted three Rela officers last Friday is almost completely revealed when the 29-year-old suspect surrendered himself at the Ampang Jaya police headquarters around 4pm yesterday.

According to local media reports, Selangor CID Chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat said the man with the Datuk Seri title will be arrested to help with investigations according to Section 324 and 186 of the Penal Code.

The arrest of the suspect was made a day after Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi issued a stern warning urging the individual to surrender himself to the police.

Bernama reports that the three Rela members, Melvin Cheong Mun Khai,19, Leong Jiun Jie, 21, and Lee Weng Poh, 27, were injured, claiming they were beaten up and kicked by a man with the title of ‘Datuk Seri’, after they ordered the suspect to move his Toyota Vellfire which was obstructing traffic, around 6.30am, last Friday.

Following the incident, Ampang magistrate’s court issued a remand order on the suspect starting from today (Tuesday) until November 3 to help with investigations, media reports.

The Star reports that the suspect arrived at the Ampang magistrate’s court compound at around 11am this morning wearing a white shirt embroidered with the Winner Dynasty Group emblem, jeans and sandals.

Although no media has officially showed the face of the suspect, the media said that the man was easily identified by the media because of his copper-dyed hair.

Additionally, the suspect wearing the company’s logo made it easier for his identity to be revealed, thus confirming the allegations of who the suspect is, which has been going viral on social media since yesterday.

Based on the search on, the suspect is believed to be Datuk Seri Dr Nicky Liow, who is the chairman of Winner Dynasty Group – a company that was established in the United Kingdom (UK).

The information on the company stated that their business covers various services including healthcare, jewellery, real estate and development as well as tourism.


A Chinese magazine, Shanzhe reported Nicky Liow as an individual with outstanding talent when he managed to become successful at the tender age of 24.

Nicky Liow was chosen as an award recipient in the Emerging Entrepreneur category at the 2016 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award for his contribution in the e-commerce development and technological sector.

The ‘SME Brand Personality’ award was also awarded to him in 2015, where it revealed that Nicky Liow became a millionaire at the age of 24. He started his e-commerce services through www.518yunbao, which gave the chance to any individual to become an entrepreneur.

Meanwhile in another posting on Facebook, and confirmed in a report by The Star, Nicky Liow is said to have obtained his title from Pahang and even use the honorific “Dr” on his business card.

Several photos with the likeness of Nicky Liow was also shared where some of them showed him being photographed with the former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, as the honoured guest at an event.

The confirmation of the suspect’s identity was officially reported by The Star earlier when SAC Fadzil confirmed that the individual who surrendered himself at the police station on Monday is Nicky Liow.

“I urge the three Rela officers to make a report if they receive any offers to close the case, so the authorities can investigate the issue further,” he said as reported by The Star.

Earlier, a portal reported that Rela alleged four ‘middle men’ tried to offer about RM40,000 to solve the assault case involving the suspect with the Datuk Seri title.

Ampang District Rela Chief, Ho Hoong Keong however stressed that they would not yield to any malicious organisation and would not accept any money being offered.

Rela’s decision to refuse the offer needs to be praised in ensuring that incidents like this would not repeat, and it is in line with netizens urging the individual to receive the punishment that he deserves for assaulting three Rela officers who were on duty.

– mD