KUALA LUMPUR – It has been a busy morning at the North Korean embassy.

At 11.30am North Korean counsellor Kim Yu-song left the compound. An unidentified woman, believed to be an embassy worker was in the car as well.

He returned at about 12.30pm. This time a little girl who was not present earlier, was escorted quickly into the building.

Also, a Toyota Camry bearing a diplomatic number plate was seen leaving  the embassy compound at 11am. At least three people were in the car.
It later returned at 12pm to drop one man off, before moving out again. The passenger was covering his face to avoid getting his picture taken.

Five minutes later, yet another car with diplomatic plates left the embassy to a destination yet unknown.

Nobody addressed the media.

The constant media presence has attracted curious onlookers as well.


At noon, a bus load of Japanese businessmen on route to a conference, made a short stop near the embassy for a quick photo op. They were seen laughing among themselves and the Japanese media before hurrying back into their bus.

Drivers also stopped their cars to take photos of the scene.

Police presence on Thursday afternoon could be described as light, with just one patrol car seen keeping guard.

Authorities believe that Hyong Kwang-song, the 44-year-old second secretary at the North Korean embassy, and Kim Uk-il, 37, an Air Koryo staff member, are still in the country.

A warrant of arrest was issued for Uk-il last week and a letter requesting Hyong’s cooperation was sent through Wisma Putra and delivered to the embassy.

They are suspects in the ongoing investigation into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.