Increasingly I am being asked….”Do you think that Najib will win the election this year”. “Will there be an election at all?”. “Will Mahathir be arrested before the election”….and always that refrain from so many of you out there……”What happens after PRU 14?”

I bite my tongue before I answer these queries lest I say what is in my heart rather then what is in my head. My heart beats with the hope that “ini kali” the forces of good will triumph against the forces of evil. I want that despicable couple now living in Seri Perdana, and all those of their ilk, to be thrown into Sungai Buloh with or without a trial, so that they will understand how life is for Anwar Ibrahim and the many political opponents they have incarcerate….and how our lives have been changed for the worse by what they do in the name of government.

But we cannot allow our hearts to rule our minds when we are talking about the future of our people and our nation. We have much to lose if we do.

When compared to what Najib and his band of thieves now have to ensure their victory in the coming general elections, we have nothing on our side. Nothing much except the belief that what we are doing is the right thing…..but sometimes, doing the right thing is enough to win wars…what more an election.

You and me….we are not politicians. The term “political expediency” is not something we need to concern ourselves with. We will leave that to those who know best…people like Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang. Let us concern ourselves with issues that matters to us.

Will there be an election?

Or more to the point…will there be a clean, open and fair election? Let me ask you this : Has there ever been a fair elections from the time the British left us? I think not….so why should it start now?

YOU want it to start now because you want change! YOU want it to start now because you want your vote to count. YOU want it to start now because that is how elections should be conducted in a democracy….and Malaysia is a democracy is it not?

Consider also, these truths. Every country differs from the other in the manner they do government and in the manner they choose a government. Malaysia included. So what can we expect in the coming general election which MUST be held in these next few months.

The first reality is this : Umno cannot afford to lose this election. They cannot afford to lose this election not because the Malays need Umno to champion their interest and not because Islam needs Umno to further it’s cause. Umno cannot afford to lose this election because if they do, too many of them will lose the wealth that they have accumulated under Umno’s regime and then they will go to jail for various offences committed in the name of public service and government….from corruption to treason.

At this very moment, Umno is the dominant force within the BN government. Common sense will tell us that they will do all they can, legally and illegally, to make sure they will not lose the election. This is a no brainer….so I suggest we prepare ourself for this eventuality.

Simply said…Umno is not going to play fair and this PRU 14 will not be a level playing field for everyone taking part in the election….as has been the case in every election held in our country.

So what are we to do?

We cannot have Pakatan Harapan representatives be disqualified or bought over by BN before, during or after the election by BN. So choose  principled candidates who will stay the course no matter what. Frogs are best left under the tempurungs.

Vote overwhelmingly to throw this toxic, corrupt and arrogant BN government out of office. Vote in numbers so large that no scam, no fraud perpetrated by BN, with the complicity of the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia, can change the results of PRU 14. We cannot hope to have Pakatan Harapan winning in any kawasan by the barest of margins because those margins can and will be manipulated to favour BN. Be the tidal wave that will sweep BN out.

The rest will fall into place…the component parties within Pakatan Rakyat knows that “ini kali” is the real deal. If they cannot win with Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang on side, then they can close shop and we have better resigned ourselves to another half century of this toxic Umno dominated regime. No “ifs” or “buts” about this.

We are too close to the elections for any horse trading to be done among the components parties of Pakatan Harapan, among any candidates who will stand against BN, about who will be PM, who will be in cabinet and for there to be any talk that will require Pakatan Harapan leaders to take their focus away from the Umno led BN. Focus. Focus. Focus.

A few more months….that is all the time we have left to make change possible. We have never had a better opportunity to do this then NOW. If only we had Anwar, aruah TGNA and the Lion of Jelutong with us….but we do not….so live with that reality.

The following piece from Stanley says it all…..get behind Mahathir, Anwar and Kit Siang and “ini kali” get the bastards out!


For me

And for people like me

And for Malaysian opposition parties like DAP and Amanah

We just can’t ignore the Mahathir factor.

The likelihood of toppling ruling Barisan Nasional is probably not there.

Sans Dr Mahathir

We can go into how racist and evil Dr Mahathir was and how the current predicament we are in was significantly attributed to him.

Question now is

Do we freaking want to bring down ruling Barisan Nasional?

If the answer to that question is yes.

The support and action we need to take is apparent.


We can’t change the past.

But what we do today can begin a journey of change for the better.

For the next generation.

Well. Possible.

And yes

Dr Mahathir won’t be able to wield the powers he would like to have. For sure.

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