‘So is this what your National Day ‘Citizens’ video about?

Existential Turd: According to MCA chief and Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, the police and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) are unable to provide the necessary security should the Better Beer Festival 2017 went ahead as planned.

Either they admit they are incompetent, or, they only serve a section of the Malaysian population, or both. We often hear news that the police thwarted terrorist attempts in Malaysia, yet they could not provide adequate security to a beer festival?

So next time, when there is a threat to national security, we call off events such as Asean Games, intergovernmental meetings, etc.

The fact of the matter is, all government establishments have been hijacked. Politics is used to entrench Malay hegemony, education is to promote Malay rights, economy is to uphold Malay privileges, the judiciary is used to implement syariah laws.

Yet they have no qualms collecting taxes from non-Malays. Liow, along with his party and supporters has completely and utterly abdicated their role to defend the rights of the minority.

Vijay47: What a noble thought, Liow, that “we must place utmost importance on public safety”.

I don’t think anyone can dispute you on this. But where were the breaches to public safety in the past, when similar events had proceeded peacefully, that has led to this year’s celebration being cancelled?

You add that you would have protested fearlessly had the ban been on political or religious grounds, but religion is precisely the reason why the festival is not being allowed; an Islamic lunatic group has voiced its opposition implying further that “action would be taken” if the function went ahead and this self-fulfilling threat is complied with by DBKL.

We cannot really blame PAS for such threats when the prime minister himself warns the Chinese community of violent consequences if they didn’t vote for Umno.

Clever Voter: Increasingly politicians are giving in to so-called threats for fear of losing votes. The event is nothing more than a gathering of beer producers from all over the world.

Beer may be ‘haram’ to Muslims but alcohol consumption is legal, and while drinking excessively may be harmful, it is no worse off than cigarettes.

There is nothing racial nor religious if policy makers are more objective. Trying to stand on higher moral grounds is so hypocritical when social issues such as drugs and gangsterism should be given priority.

The Analyser: When is someone going to stand up and demand that Malaysians stop telling one another what you can and cannot do?

This weak behaviour is typical of insecure men with no respect for others and who think that by controlling others, they mask their insecurities. They don’t, they just advertise them.

But don’t look to Pakatan Harapan to stand up for your rights for you. Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad has spent his life repressing and controlling Malaysians, couple him with the equally repressive Chinese leaders and the religious lunatics from Amanah and the future is looking rather like Islamic hell.

At least, BN want to use Islam, and not be used by it

Wg321: What is the use of being in the government when MCA cannot represent the interest of the Chinese?

Before the cabinet meeting, he roars like a lion but after the cabinet meeting, he became a puppy.

Odysseus: Liow, please admit that you are incapable of getting the home minister to provide assurance that the people, especially the non-Muslims, in this country can be assured of their personal safety.

Are you telling us, you and fellow cabinet ministers are allowing these extremists to run wild to terrorise those who do not share their belief?

Vgeorgemy: Liow, if security was the issue, it should not be announced by the Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. When did he become the spokesperson for the security issue?

DBKL officials have informed the organisers that the cancellation was due to the political sensitivity.

Thanks for informing us, MCA. No wonder the Chinese community abandoned MCA. It is a sad day for the nation as the ruling coalition can’t even provide basic security to its minority population.

We would say Ku Nan belittled our security forces’ capability in maintaining peace and tranquility. MCA has even forgotten how our brave forefathers succeeded in defeating the communist armed insurgency.

Then, we were blessed with a brave and compassionate Malay leadership, which stood with minority communities to ensure their way of life was protected in the Constitution.

One Hand Cover The Sky: “To organise such an event, we must place utmost importance on public safety first and we should respect the decision and advice made by the authorities and police,” said Liow.

From the above comments by Liow, is he hinting that our Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is really that hopeless, unable to provide security to our citizens?

Anonymous 2465861491622056: As beer is a security issue, MCA should get the help of PAS and Umno to close all pubs in Malaysia.

MA: So Liow, what was your National Day “Citizens” video about? Still fighting your inner demons?

– M’kini