Well folks, they are already here – in KL. Your security guard, RELA guard or your friendly pisang goreng seller could have been a head chopping Abu Sayyaf.  Here be The Star :

1.  Abu Sayyaf militants caught in KL

Armed and dangerous: Abu Asrie (left)  on Basilan Island, southern Philippines.

Sunday, 3 September 2017
8 Abu Sayyaf captured in heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Police arrested southern Philippine-based militants
including leader Hajar Abdul Mubin, in  Cheras on Aug 30.
Hajar aka Abu Asrie arrested with Filipino, Abraham Embung, 29 and 6  from Sabah.25-year-old Abu Asrie member of Jolo-based Lucky 9 kidnap-for-ransom group
links to Abu Sayyaf in Jolo, Basilan islands
M’sians from Sandakan, working in KL, aged between 20 – 52.
Some were security guards, members of Rela
Lucky 9 gang involved in kidnap for ransom activities in Jolo
kidnap victims for ransom of 10,000 pesos (about RM836)
group have links with Abu Sayyaf in Jolo
Abu Asrie slipped into Malaysia in 2015
met M’sian ISIS militants Dr Mahmud Ahmad, Mohd Najib Hussein, Muhd Joraimee
Dr Mahmud, Insalon Hapilon with Maute group in Marawi city, Mindanao.
Marawi new front of Islamic State attempt to set up caliphate in South-East Asia.

2.  Family ties luring militants to Malaysia’


Family ties luring Filipino militants to Malaysia, particularly Sabah

fugitives flee to Sabah from Philippine authorities and rival groups bent on revenge
related to southern Filipino Bajau and Suluk who have long settled here.
Filipino become naturalised Malaysians move to peninsular Malaysia.
moved in larger numbers to Johor, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

militants are joining up with families in Malaysia.Without good intelligence, these fugitives can remain undetected in Sabah

My comments :  So they are moving to Peninsula Malaysia. 

What happened to the 20 point or 18 point agreement? 

Isnt there anyone on the Peninsula who is going to object? 

Peninsular people are not so welcome in  Sabah. Ok we can understand that.  

But  exporting Abu Sayyaf to the Peninsula? No one to complain? 

Not fair bah. 

Who says they are not a problem? 

They already are criminals. 

When their numbers are small they may be RELA members and security guards.

Wait till their numbers get large and they figure out how to hide in Gombak or Pantai Dalam. Wait till they figure out how to kidnap Chinese peoples’ kids.  Worse, if they learn to share technical know how with local dunggu groups. Dont say I did not warn you.

All the sampah sarap, all the toilet bowl scum from around the world end up here in Malaysia. Zakir Naik, Abu Sayyaf, PULO, Aceh, Qardawi, Salafi etc etc. They all end up here.

That Majlis Keselamataqn Negara guy was overjoyed at being photographed with Trump at the White House.  Why? Because he fished out the wrong dead body from the sea !! Alamak.

They fished out a dead body that was NOT an American sailor. 

So if it was not a US Navy sailor, whose dead body was it?

You mean you can just take a boat ride in the Straits of Melaka and find a human body floating in the water and no one knows whose body it was or where the dead body came from? 

Village idiots running the place.