Just last week Isa Samad was sacrificed on the altar in their temple. Despite the juicy stories about Isa helping to cover up the alleged scandalous tryst with a female artiste, (rolling up the woman in a carpet and all) Isa was unceremoniously led to and from the lock-up in orange prison clothes.

The FGV and other Felda scandals have become too hot and radioactive. Isa was at the center of it all. So rather than suffer anymore embarrassment, MO1 and the kleptocracy decided to sacrifice Isa. End of story.

Now the news is out that the IGP is also being fired. Granted he turns 60 and is up for retirement but the talk is there was some resistance. Meaning some people wanted him to be extended. Tapi tak jadi. Some rumour has it that they are using the Agong’s name to say that Khalid’s tenure would not be extended. Whatever the case Khalid is gone.

Ever since the Ops Gopi news broke, Khalid’s time was running out. Khalid is undoubtedly the most unpopular IGP ever, both among the force and among the public. A sickening t_@dy ever ready with toil_t paper to wipe the boss’s @$$.

I see a very clear and visible pattern here. It is called using people.

The kleptocracy is focussed on covering its tracks and using others to camouflage their dirty work.

Once in a while they do snare the good people as well. The problem with the good people is that they soon realise what is going on and quickly break away from the kleptocracy.

When P Waythamoorthy and the Hindraf complained about the plight of the Indians the kleptocracy made Waythamoorthy a Deputy Minister. He found out soon enough that he was being shortchanged and taken for a ride. They do not give a hoot about the Indians. They just wanted to pull the wool over the peoples’ eyes. Waythamoorthy quickly resigned from his post as Deputy Minister.


But the kleptocracy really prefers using the buttkissers and @$$wipes.

Recall Mat Maslan the village idiot? They used him as the whipping post to tell the people about the GST. For about two years it was Mat Maslan in the news almost everyday. Then after Mat Maslan had made enough of a fool of himself, they fired him from his post. End of Mat Maslan.

Same with that Ikan Bakar moron. He bought his ticket out when he appeared wearing his bath towels at the State Secretariat building in Shah Alam. He looked the real idiot. He really made Dumbno look like a chicken shit political party – which it is. He has disappeared since then, although people say the recent ruckus in Shah Alam has his fingerprints on it.

Husni Hanadzlah was also sacrificed. They made Husni say stupid things about 1MDB. Husni looked really stupid on TV trying to make a silk purse out of a pig’s backside.

And just like Isa, Ikan Bakar and the IGP, Husni became too unpopular. He became too much of a liability in the public eye. To his credit Husni is not known to be too corrupt or scandalous, just foolish. So Husni left. End of Husni.

This is the pattern. First they get their @$$wipes and buttkissers to clean up their crap for them. When these folks get too covered up with the boss’s crap and begin to stink real bad, they get axed, chopped, sacrificed or get shown the door.

Then someone else is appointed and they start all over again.

So to the likes of Nazri, Keruak, Azeeeeez, Hamsa, Arul, Siregar, Habibur and Appandi do take note. The moment your stink reaches the top floors – out you will go.

Toilet paper is not recyclable.

– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my