PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said Islam rejects secularism, chauvinism and Malaysian Malaysia, which is the DAP’s slogan.

“Islam rejects the theory of secularism, Malaysian Malaysia and chauvinism without denying the existence of worldly living.

“A certain race having love for their own race is human instinct, but chauvinism can spark racial conflict that can destroy the concept of a civil society that is fair and also part of human instincts,” Hadi said.

Islam, he said, has the solution and is also capable of holistic change.

Hadi said he is confident that PAS can lead a multiracial Malaysia based on the social contract in the form of the Federal Constitution.

He said the Constitution recognises Islam without sidelining other races and religions.

He urged the people to reject any political party that may seek to unravel the Federal Constitution.

“PAS views these as traitors who must be cast out by the people, be it through the election or bold legislation, to save the country and people,” Hadi said.

Meanwhile, Selangor DAP committee member Edry Faizal Eddy Yusof (photo) defended the concept of “Malaysian Malaysia”, stating that it merely meant that Malaysia was for all Malaysians and that it is the backbone of DAP’s struggle.

Edry Faizal questioned why would PAS be opposed to such a concept.

“I see PAS’ hatred towards the idea that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians is due to PAS wanting Malaysia to belong to PAS alone.

“This is surely based on the belief that they must impose their version of political Islam on all Malaysians,” he said.

Edry Faizal also referred to the infamous “Amanah Haji Hadi”, in which Hadi had, in the past, declared Muslims in Umno as infidels.

“I urge Malaysians to make the smart choice whether they want a Malaysia owned by us as a family – a Malaysia owned by Malaysians – or a Malaysia owned by a group of people who only live among themselves and think that only they are the best – a Malaysia owned by PAS,” he added.

– M’kini