On 3rd November 2017, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad posted an article in his blog titled ‘Najib’s Broadside’. Mahathir’s comments in that posting gives an impression he is getting very desperate to the point of being irrational. Let us analyse what he said.

Dr Mahathir: Don’t just deny. Don’t ignore. Give prove (probably meant ‘proof’).

The fundamental rule of law is that the accuser needs to prove guilt and not the accused needs to prove innocence. When the High Court found Anwar Ibrahim guilty of sodomy because he failed to prove his innocence, the Federal Court overturned that verdict on grounds that the Prosecution failed to prove Anwar’s guilt.

So the onus is on the accuser to show proof and not on the accused to prove anything. Hence Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak needs not do anything to prove he is innocent. On the other hand Mahathir has to prove what he says. It is like when you say God exists. Then you need to prove the existence of God. I do not need to prove that God does not exist since I am not making any claim.

Dr Mahathir: What is illegitimate about toppling a democratically elected Government?

A democratically elected government can be ousted, but in the same manner it is elected into office, through democratic elections. Why were the Al-Ma’unah activists charged for waging war against the King and then hanged 17 years ago? Was it not because they tried to oust the government outside the general elections? And was Mahathir not the Prime Minister back in 2000 when the government hanged the Al-Ma’unah activists?

Waging war against the King is a crime that attracts the death penalty in Malaysia. Other than that Mahathir used the ISA against all those who opposed him. An estimated 10,000 Malaysians have been detained under the ISA from 1960 until the time Najib abolished that draconian law. And Mahathir was not happy that Najib abolished the ISA.

During Mahathir’s time street protests were met with police brutality

Dr Mahathir: Have a proper hearing and I will accept the verdict. If guilty step down.

What hearing? PAC has already conducted the hearing and even people like Tony Pua were in that committee while another of his DAP colleagues said they found no evidence of Najib having committed any crime. So what more hearings does Mahathir want? How many times do you want to hold hearings until you get the verdict you want? If Mahathir cannot accept the PAC verdict then what more does he want?

Stop hiding behind the allegation that all the members of the PAC are crooks who lied to cover up the crime that Najib committed. If so then prove it! If you make an allegation you need to prove it. Or else Mahathir can lodge a police report saying that the PAC lied and all the members of the PAC are crooks who are covering up the crime that Najib committed. Go make that police report or else forever hold your peace.

Dr Mahathir: Prove that what I say is fake. Let’s have “Nothing to hide 3”.

There he goes again. He is asking Najib to disprove what he says. It is Mahathir who needs to prove what he says and not Najib who needs to disprove it. When he makes an allegation, Mahathir asks you to disprove it, and then when you make an allegation against him, Mahathir asks you to prove it. Both ways the onus is on you — to do the disproving when he alleges as well as to prove what you allege.

This is like if Mahathir says Prophet Muhammad visited him at home last night and then he says he does not need to prove Prophet Muhammad visited him at home last night but you must prove Prophet Muhammad did not visit him at home last night.

Dr Mahathir: It is the foreign media which repeatedly and extensively published Malaysia as among the 10 most corrupt country.

Yes, the foreign media also says Mahathir and family is worth RM100 billion and that a total of RM200 billion disappeared into thin air when Mahathir was Prime Minister. So, since the foreign media says Mahathir and family is worth RM100 billion and that a total of RM200 billion disappeared into thin air when Mahathir was Prime Minister then it must be true.

Dr Mahathir: The Malaysian Government total debt is almost one trillion Ringgit. Show how you are going to pay this.

Singapore’s external debt is US$1.766 trillion, almost eight times that of Malaysia’s. Singapore’s debt to GDP is 240% while Malaysia’s is only 53.2%. Mahathir needs to study economics before talking about such matters. Mahathir is like a taxi driver discussing brain surgery.

Amnesty International’s report on Malaysia discusses the human rights abuses in Malaysia during 1999, prisoners of conscience, the right of peaceful assembly, corporal punishment, the death penalty, and freedom of expression

Dr Mahathir: There already is a dictatorship in Malaysia now. There is no rule of law.

If that is true then it started back in 1981. Tunku Abdul Rahman said if Mahathir ever becomes Prime Minister the country is doomed. Mahathir was once listed amongst the top ten dictators of the world. Amnesty International’s annual reports in the 1990s attacked Mahathir and his government as being draconian, corrupt and an enemy of democracy and free speech. So Mahathir had better be careful with what he says because he is like Idi Amin preaching about good governance and civil liberties.

Dr Mahathir: Elections were free before. Now there is a lot of cheating especially postal votes.

Yeah, right. Even Mahathir had 2,000 phantom voters in his constituency in 1999. And when confronted with this on 29th November 1999 he never denied it but just replied that even the opposition does the same.

Mahathir’s own PPBM leader, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, openly and publicly confessed in a recent ceramah that he helped Barisan Nasional cheat in the general elections. Rashid was the Election Commission Chief from 2000 to 2008 and the Deputy from 1997 to 2000. Was this not when Mahathir was Prime Minister? So is Rashid not implicating Mahathir in election fraud? Najib took over as Prime Minister in 2009 after Rashid retired.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah also accused Mahathir of election fraud during Umno’s party election in 1987. If not Mahathir would have been ousted and Ku Li would have taken over as Prime Minister back in 1987. The whole world knows that Mahathir cheated in the 1987 Umno party election just like the whole world knows he and his family are billionaires.

Ask the ex-Deputy Director of the Special Branch, Hamid Bador, about them advising Mahathir to resign before the 2004 general election or else lose the election and go to jail

Dr Mahathir: If I can call myself a dictator, Najib should call himself a tyrant. I respected the law and I resigned of my own free will.

Mahathir did not resign on his own free will. The Special Branch told Mahathir he was going to lose the 2004 general election if he stayed on as Prime Minister. So he resigned a few moths before the general election and Barisan Nasional won its best ever performance in history. Malaysians were so elated that Mahathir was gone they gave Barisan Nasional 91% of the seats.

So Mahathir did not resign on his own free will. He had to either get out or get kicked out. And he was told if he got kicked out he was going to end up in jail. So better he get out and get to keep his billions in the process.

Mahathir’s response to any allegation is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t remember’

Dr Mahathir: I had no Jho Low or Riza Aziz.

Yes, but Mahathir had Mukhriz Mahathir, Mokhzani Mahathir, Mirzan Mahathir, Abdullah Ang, Daim Zainuddin, Yahya Ahmad, Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan, Tajudin Ramli, Samsudin Abu Hassan, Tunku Abdullah, Brian Chang, Ibrahim Mohamed, Abdullah Mohamed, Halim Saad, Ananda Krishnan, Tan Koon Swan, and many, many more.

And all those names are documented in so many books, which you can order on Amazon. Why has Mahathir never once denied this? Why not he organise a “Nothing to Hide 3.0” event and discuss this matter?

Dr Mahathir: TN50 is launched. By 2050 the debt will bankrupt the country.

Where are his figures? Give us the figures. I can also claim that Malaysia will be the third richest country in the world by 2050 because of TN50 if I can makes claims without giving facts and figures.

Dr Mahathir: People must pay GST, endure high cost of living.

Yes, people must pay 6% GST that replaces the SST, which is more than double that 6%. And Mahathir has promised to abolish the GST if Pakatan comes to power and bring back the ‘old system’, which means bring back the SST, which is more than double the 6% GST. And the brain-dead Pakatuns and Dapsters agree with this.

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