‘Isn’t the Umno division chief acting against the PM’s campaign on moderation?’

Jamal smashes beer bottles outside S’gor secretariat office

Vgeorgemy: Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos used a sledgehammer to smash boxes of beer bottles outside the Selangor State Secretariat (SUK) building in Shah Alam on Thursday morning.

It is very painful and heart-breaking to watch the public violence of Umno division leader Jamal Md Yunos, when Klang Valley mourns the deaths of 21 students and two hostel wardens in a tahfiz school fire on Sept 14.

We are in a 30-day mourning period during which we pray for the families involved to find solace. Umno must realise the tahfiz school fire was caused by the violent action of teenage boys over teasing. They are watching us and thinking public violence is normal and the authorities will not take any action.

Leaders have a certain responsibility to behave respectfully in society and register their grievances in a cordial and respectful way. Then only will society respect and listen to their views on morality.

The rakyat will not permit anyone to suppress them with the threat of violence. Umno must desist from all violent actions in public spaces and return to sanity immediately for the sake of peace and tranquillity in the community.

Cocomomo: It is sad that there is a lack of leadership in the country. Racial and religious issues are being allowed to spiral out of control. Weak “leaders” want to score brownie points with petty misled voters.

Racist and religious bigots should not be allowed to adversely impact the harmony of this multiracial, multi-religious society.

The ruling party should take the lead in condemning racists and petty-minded and extremist religious elements instead of pandering to these people.

Clongviews: The prime minister talks of moderation in Malaysia and goes onto the world stage to promote moderation.

Isn’t Jamal, who is Umno Sungai Besar chief, acting against the prime minister’s campaign on moderation? Can the police or prime minister’s aide haul him up and tell him off?

Since Jamal is so brave, he should also try his tricks in Johor. The sultan of Johor will definitely not take Jamal’s nonsense.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: This sort of behaviour cannot be tolerated. Umno should be ashamed that they have a division leader who is clearly unruly, uncouth and uncivilised.

We live in a modern and civil society where there are laws and order. This is not the Wild Wild West where people can take the laws into their own hands.

Kawak: Is this country a democratic country or on the way becoming a theocratic state, aka a Taliban country?

These antics by this Umno leader and his gang are just another form of cheap publicity. Is drinking more dangerous than rampant party and government corruption?

Anonymous 459: Jamal’s action is clearly criminal and constitutes criminal intimidation. By smashing the beer bottles, he had endangered the lives of his own security personnel who were standing guard watching.

Imagine if splinters had shattered someone’s eyes, including the public.

Boonpou: I feel sorry not only for him, but also for his parents and his grandparents. And the same goes for his followers, whether they are true followers, or bought to be his followers.

To me, this leader and his gang are nothing but a bunch of real losers in life. Totally uncivilised, total losers. They deserve to be ignored.

Malaysiakini readers do not need coverage of these events to convince themselves which parties to vote for in the next general election.

Or paradoxically, will coverage of this loser and his followers generate votes against the current regime for those sitting on the fence?

Cops investigate Jamal for beer-smashing stunt

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Shah Alam police are investigating Jamal for unlawful assembly over his beer-smashing stunt.

It is time for Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to show that they are professional. It is time to prove that it can act without fear or favour. Failure to do so will result in anarchy.

And don’t blame the Selangor government for Jamal’s actions. In this civilised world, no one should take the law into his own hands, no matter what the circumstances are.

Justtruthseeker: If dropping yellow balloons can get someone charged, what about this sledgehammering aggression which is endangering public safety and security?

Fair&Just: Last month’s investigation on a sledgehammer has not been completed yet, and now another sledgehammer attack has taken place.

If the police had done their job in the first sledgehammer attack, this second sledgehammer would have been avoided.

Perhaps action will be taken when someone dies from his sledgehammer attack, like stepping on the broken glass and dying of tetanus or other infections.

Kangkung: Indeed, Jamal can protest in the most abusive and threatening ways, but the authorities do not seem to take action against him.

The police will say they will investigate but like previous cases, he will get off scot-free as he is an Umno member.

– M’kini