PAKATAN Harapan (PH) deputy president Lim Guan Eng said he never warned component party Amanah over its alleged unhappiness with the allocation of federal seats.

The DAP secretary-general was referring to a Berita Harian Online article yesterday titled “Guan Eng beri amaran kepada PAN” (Guan Eng warns Amanah).

The story stated that Lim had warned the PAS splinter party, which was given 27 seats to contest in Peninsula Malaysia, to stop making an issue of it and to focus on facing Barisan Nasional in the coming polls.

The Penang chief minister said he never made such a statement.

Short of threatening to take legal action, Lim told Berita Harian to retract, correct the report and apologise.

“It was completely out of order. I never warned Amanah. I don’t even warn DAP members.  

“Whatever we do, we never interfere with the affairs of our fellow component parties.

“As a democratic party, we allow diversity of views. We handle them by giving explanations to both our own members and the public.

“Don’t twist what I had said,”  he told a press conference in Komtar today.

Yesterday, a Berita Harian reporter had asked Lim during a press conference for his comments on Amanah’s dissatisfaction federal seat allocations and wanting more seats.

Lim said he did not know how to respond as he did not know where such a question had come from.

He said PH had already made its decision on seat distribution among Bersatu, PKR, Amanah and DAP and this was announced last Sunday at the coalition’s first convention.

“Jangan cuba tokok tambah. (Don’t try to exaggerate). What is important is that we (PH) are moving ahead with a clear strategy,” he said.  

Lim said having his statements misreported was a reason why he sometimes declined taking questions in the presence of BN-linked media.

“I hope you all understand why I also have to take legal action at times,” he said.

The BH Online story has been taken offline by the news site.

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