A couple are accused of making sexual videos with a dog, according to court paperwork.

A relative brought a camera containing videos of the wife allegedly engaging in sexual acts with the dog into a police station in Pennsylvania.

Rachael Alexis Harris, 19, is facing multiple charges, including; three counts of criminal attempt-sexual intercourse with an animal, conspiracy-sexual intercourse with an animal and four counts of cruelty to animals.

While her husband, Carey D. Harris, 24, faces four counts of obscene performance and three counts of conspiracy-cruelty to animals.

After viewing the video and deciding a crime had been committed, an investigating officer obtained a search warrant to investigate the couple’s home.

According to Clearfield County court documents, police found four videos showing Mrs Harris attempting to have intercourse with the dog.

Footage reportedly shows Mrs Harris attempting sexual intercourse with the dog, the dog performing oral sex on her and her attempts to masturbate the dog.

The same relative who handed in the video returned to the police barracks to watch the videos and said it was Corey Harris recording the video.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 11, 2017.

– http://metro.co.uk/