TAWAU – Five female students of a secondary school at Jalan Kg Jawa here lodged reports at Tawau Police Station yesterday against a dentist for allegedly sexually harassed them at the school clinic.

The Form Four students said the incident happened when they went to the clinic for dental check.

A 45-year-old man who identified himself as the father of one of the victims, said her youngest daughter was crying when she returned home about noon yesterday.

He said his daughter told him that a dentist, in his 30s, harassed her while examining her teeth.

The victim’s father immediately accompanied her to lodge a police report at 12.30pm and convinced the other victims to do the same.

“The dentist, believed to be attached to the dental clinic in Tawau General Hospital, palpated my daughter’s breast when he was checking her teeth at the school clinic alone,” the father claimed.

There were no teachers nor students at the school clinic when the alleged incident happened, he said.

“I have also contacted the dental department and was told the dentist concerned would be leaving for Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon.

“Surprised, I quickly contacted the Tawau police and they arrested the suspect at Tawau Airport at about 2.30pm yesterday,” the man told reporters at the Tawau Police Station yesterday evening.

The father believed such an incident had occurred since last year and not only in this school, but could be in other schools.

“There could be many victims who may feel scared to lodge a police report against the suspect,” he said.

The man said his daughter was traumatised.

He said the other victims should be brave enough to step out and lodge a police report to seek justice.

He said the Health Department and Education Department should ensure that such an incident would not recur.

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