Recently, my former boss was conferred with a Datukship from Perak.

I’m not sure on what ground did he receive it for.

It’s not like he had done something great or sacrificed his life or limbs for the country or something like that.

On top of that, the guy is a scumbag, who is running the organisation that he led to the ground.

He got no talent whatsoever except for kissing the ass of the higher-ups, back stabbing even his closest friends to further his career and totally only care about himself.

He even cheated on his wife…or wives, I think.

When someone like that was conferred with Datukship, it makes me wonder why should we be bothered to call people with their honorific titles or even treat them with extra courtesy.

After all, these days, almost anyone can get those titles and it’s no secret that we can actually lobby or buy those titles from “connected” people.

And titles such as having a fake Datukship seem to be the current rage for some with big bucks to spend.

The other day, the Johor cops smashed a Datuk-for-sale syndicate with the arrests of two people.

This 29-year-old hoodlum got Datuk Seri



Fake Datukship ring busted

From the news reports, there is definitely a market for people to shell out RM150,000 for a Datuk and RM280,000 for a Datuk Seri.

Ridiculous amount of money, really.

Personally, I feel sad that the victims were actually the ones who were depended on such titles to make themselves feel important, creating a market for such things.

Well, maybe they thought that those titles would help in their businesses or entitle them to receive special treatment.

But I still feel its unnecessary due to such things being a false perception.

Whatever it is, this whole thing makes me think, are we heading in the proper direction as a nation where we have to give special treatment to people with Datuk or Tan Sri or what ever titles there is in front of their name?

They probably just bought it off from somewhere and we, like stupid, have to bow and scrape to them.

I really wish we can get rid of all these nonsense.

Why can’t we instead treat each other with the same respect and courtesy and call each other Mr or Mrs or Miss or Encik or Puan?

What’s wrong with just that?

By Tyler