KUALA LUMPUR – For two years, a woman had to endure her husband’s twisted sexual perversion: he derived pleasure from watching her have sex with other men.

If she rejected his wishes, she would be subjected to physical abuse at his hands.

Unable to withstand the ordeal any longer, she finally lodged a report with at the Kuang police station in Gombak, leading to his arrest yesterday, Harian Metro reported.

It is learnt that the man, in his 40s, would invite his friends to his house in Taman Sri Putra to entice them to have sex with his wife.

Police sources said the man’s behaviour escalated recently when he made her follow him to a massage centre in Rawang, where he then forced her to have sex with a male masseur.

“The husband had previously invited his friend to stay over at their home, after which he would force his wife to have sex with the man.

“The woman, a housewife, would be beaten if she rejected his demand,” said the source.

The police source said one of the husband’s friends, who had lived with the couple for two years, also slept with the man’s wife.

“The woman’s husband even brought home male Vietnamese, Bangladeshi and Indonesian workers to his home for them to have sex with his wife,” said the source.

Following a police report lodged by the wife, the man and his friend was detained yesterday for further investigation.