THE multi-level marketing company started by Chinese national Zhang Jian – the self-proclaimed “future richest man in the world” – is said to be active in Malaysia again, reported China Press.

The daily quoted sources as saying that a “charity event”, believed to be organised by the company, Yun Shu Mao, was held at a hotel in Selangor last Thursday.

Photos of Zhang, who made headlines after huge signboards of him were put up in Penang two years ago, were displayed during the function.

Hundreds of Chinese nationals attended the ceremony, which also saw 150 cars being given to some members, said the sources.

However, the daily did not state the whereabouts of Zhang, who was last reported to be in Thailand.

The daily also reported a family in Johor Baru was shocked to find that the grave of their late mother had not been dug in time for her burial ceremony.

The ceremony for the late Liu Yu Song was supposed to have been held at the cemetery at about 11am on Dec 27.

However, it was postponed to 2.15pm because the family had to wait for the cemetery operator to send for a team of workers and an excavator to dig the grave.

A representative of the cemetery committee has since apologised to the family.