Charles Darwin may have developed the theory of evolution, but our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has had his fair share of evolution from childhood to adulthood – which he recently enlightened the people with.

The tech savvy 63-year-old, who actively shares updates and selfies of himself on social media has once again managed to entertain Malaysians from all walks of life when he shared what he called an ‘evolution’, showing pictures of him from then to now.

“My evolution is evident through these identity cards. Changes in my physical appearance and my hair turning white is obvious. “

Two pictures in black and white showed the younger Najib when he was 12 and passed 18, for My12, My18, in comparison to a third and recent photo in colour on his MyKad, which was a gift from the National Registration Department (NRD).

Najib Razak FacebookNajib Razak Facebook

“A gift from the Malaysian National Registration Department. Thank you,” he noted.

Najib’s gesture of sharing his transformation over the years received over 20,000 likes on Facebook, and nearly 2,000 shares and retweets at the time of writing.

It also struck comments on social media, with many especially pointing out, in his teenage years, the premier looked like the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ Elvis Presley, or to some, like Superman.

While others, praised his handsome looks as an adolescent, adding that his good looks match up to that of his late father Tun Abdul Razak.

On March 12, Najib had launched the opening of NRD in the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, which saw NRD director-general Mohd Yazid Ramli in attendance, where the Prime Minister received the token of his evolutionary MyKad pictures.

The government had earlier encouraged the registration of MyKad for children from 12-16 years old for MyKad12, then 18-25 years old for their MyKad18, as there are still many who have yet applied to change their MyKad, especially in rural and remote areas.

JPN FacebookJPN Facebook

MyKad12 is part of Regulation 3 of the National Registration Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2007) which states that a Malaysian child who has reached the age of 12, but below 16, must register for the identity card.

While Regulation 18 of the same legislation states that any person who has attained the age of 18 and is a citizen or permanent resident identity card bearer must have a replacement identity card, MyKad18, made no later than the age of 25.