‘Harapan does not need Umno/BN to kill them, they will kill each other.’

Allforit: The Johor Baru seat is a winnable seat for Pakatan Harapan? Definitely DAP, not PKR. Other than BN, Johoreans grew up with the Rocket. PKR has yet to prove itself in Johor.

DAP has been contesting in Johor since time immemorial, even before PKR was born. As far as I can recall, it was always the DAP as opposition.

Each GE would see van loads of my relatives/friends heading toward the polls to vote for DAP. So if PKR did not fare too well in Johor in the last GE, it is not surprising at all.

Dont Just Talk: Can the leaders of DAP and PKR stop their childish behaviour and make less political statements in public over which seat the party should contest in the coming 14th GE until there is consensus by Pakatan Harapan’s leaders?

Their clownish behaviour will turn off the voters, who will either chose not to vote or to throw their votes to BN out of spite for DAP or PKR.

Drngsc: Dear PKR. Firstly, may I humbly suggest that you all get together and solve your party problem (as regards to PAS). Soon, you may be kicked out of Harapan.

Secondly, DAP is not a Chinese party. It is a party for all Malaysians. Thirdly, DAP has been doing a lot of groundwork to call for change while PKR just wants sweet deals.

Go start working on the ground. Harapan only wants winnable candidates. Anyway, it is for Harapan’s presidential council to decide. Not you, PKR.

Dr Suresh Kumar: As I have been saying all along – Harapan does not need Umno/BN to kill them, they will kill each other.

This emperor of the Lim dynasty has no philosophy or plans as what they want to do for the nation, if at all they come to federal power, but has all the time in the world to fight over Chinese-majority seats.

This itself proves DAP is playing the race card.

Anonymous_3f4b: The show begins even before the elections. DAP, PKR, Bersatu and Amanah will annihilate and cannibalise one another over the allocation of seats. This is so even before taking into account PSM and Hindraf with their own coterie of candidates.

Sabah and Sarawak are goners and these Harapan leaders should never step their feet there as they are unwelcome.

DAP and PKR are imploding in both states with resignations and defections. PAS is not even worth mentioning.

These Harapan parties will be better off concentrating in Semenanjung (the peninsula), where at the end of the day they will cross each other out and disappear into political oblivion.

JD Lovrenciear: Fools. Greedy. Conceited. Power-crazy opportunists. Nothing matters. Fighting over seats is all that they care. Do they ever learn?

Thank you, PKR and DAP, for giving BN good ammunition to stone you guys. No wonder, people flock for BN.

Fighting even before winning. Do they not realise that it is such battles that give fodder to the belief that their coalition will fight to the death after winning the GE14?

NNFC: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang may have a point. The current MPs of Johor, Tebrau and Pasir Gudang are all from BN. The question that PKR should ask is whether they have a winnable candidate.

Based on the last GE, it shows that they have not performed. So, does PKR have to ability to show a different result?

Fair&Just: Lawan tetap lawan. Harapan will be Bersatu, Amanah and DAP, PAS and PKR can join Umno to win seats and position.

Many Chinese will not vote PKR. After all, the minorities have been suffering and emigrating for 60 years, another five years will make no difference.

And they may even witness the demise of this country.

MTU: DAP politicians need to grow up and be politically savvy. Learn from BN politicians. Stop the arrogance of thinking that you are always right.

Anonymous 539281478077880: Please do not discuss seat allocations openly as it brings a lot of dissatisfaction among all coalition partners. Every suggestion by its leaders should be discussed behind closed doors.

Kit Siang, being a senior opposition leader, you must be careful in expressing yourself when dealing with seat allocations, either through your blog or the mass media.

These are all delicate matters, which need party consensus and fairness. Any small mistake may spark a lot of opposing remarks when it’s openly discussed, especially with the media.

Amateur: It’s right to say Kit Siang should not have openly requested for the seats but have them decided in the Harapan meeting.

Perhaps, the seat allocation has already been done without the lower levels’ knowledge. Kit Siang was so eager that by slip of tongue, he spoke out.

The worst is the defeated Terbau parliamentary candidate has threatened to boycott the election campaign should his previous seat be allocated to DAP.

Just wondering why these PKR guys are not aware of the negative perception from voters in view of party’s deputy president Azmin Ali’s incessant tango with PAS?

Fairplayer: There is no need to fight over seats. Field the most credible and most winnable candidates!

Meow: If you can’t even work as a team before election, how do you manage a country if Harapan wins in the coming election?

– M’kini