I have been saying for years and years now that the Saudi Salafis and Wahabis are good for nothing trouble causers in the world.   Theirs is a satanic society.

There are Malay people who think I am a lone voice in my views.  This includes some people in gomen, particularly the MKN, some of the “Bukit” fellows and plenty so called “gomen intellecuals” (dah makan kangkung ke belum).

Well here are two well regarded academics and activists who are saying exactly the same thing, using slightly different vocabulary of course.

First up is Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of the USM.

analyst voices concern over strengthening Msia – Saudi ties

grave long-term effects on ordinary Malays perceive religion.

Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid, professor at USM

Najib closeness with Saudi spread Salafi in M’sia.

Najib cozying up to Saudi

despite evidence Saudi Salafism fuelling extremism in world

religious Malays going towards rigid direction

this has been portrayed to them by govt-backed scholars

Najib trying to gain popularity among Muslims

put Umno in corner by siding with Saudi rigid thinking

I don’t think even he embraces,” he added.

Najib gave 16 ha in Putrajaya to build Salman Centre for Peace

Saudi chose to site it in M’sia.

Several quarters criticised idea of asking Saudi to fight terrorism

Saudi and Gulf allies added to “terror list”

organisation whose leaders include Hadi Awang.

Hadi criticised Saudi for “forging intimate ties” with Israel

Hadi a Salafi, proven by Amanat Haji Hadi,” he said.

My comments :  The whole Saudi ideology is a desert shit-hole, camel dung smoking, head chopping barbarism which seeks only to preserve their “dropped-from-the-sky-onto-their-head”  oil wealth.  The Saudis and the Arabs are still a tribal and a desert people.  Nothing has changed. They are not world citizens, they are far from being cosmopolitan.

Their ideology and their deviant religion is just stuck in a time warp inside a cave.

You must be extremely stupid, of low intelligence and of no class, if you seek your social model from these folks.  I am  not being racist. This is just the way it is.

If you do not agree, why dont you also just adopt the Rohingya way of life?

Apa beza sangat? Just imagine that Rohingyas have oil.

Lets see how far that will take you.

You will not?  Why not?  Are you racist?

Ok here is another commenter, this time Dr Farouk Musa of the IRF.

Dr Farouk Musa dismissed conference “moderate Islam” organised by Msia, Saudi
it was “farce”, desperate move by Saudis to beef up Wahhabism as tolerant

Farouk chairs Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)

said 2-day “Khayr Ummah” conference a “Wahhabisation” agenda by authorities

conference organised by M’sian Ilmuan Assoc (Ilmu)

whose members backed Saudi policies

gomen believes Salafi will save them over massive corruption

Wahhabi ban women driving, women travellers accompanied by male family

Wahhabism bigger threat than Arabisation of Malay culture.

Wahhabism in other Muslim-majority countries not positive

more damaging to multi-religious society like Malaysia.

Throughout history, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Uzbek, Tajik no Wahhabi mosque

Now 90% of mosques are controlled by Wahhabi imams,” he said.

many mosques in Malaysia embraced Wahhabi teachings.

huge financial support from Wahhabi Saudi government

Malaysia to lose more from rise of Wahhabism, due to multiracial nature.

  • Salafis and Wahhabis created much disruption in  plural society like ours
  • Islamic scholars forbid Muslims to wish non-Muslims during festivals
  • less Muslims visit non-Muslim neighbours during these occasions

 translations of Quran not spared “Wahhabi onslaught”, said Farouk.

famous Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation revised in-line with their interpretation

effects of Saudi lobby in M’sia already felt

worst yet to come – more violent to Muslim minorities.

Shiites vilified during every Friday sermon

not long when this (violence) will happen over here

Friday sermons in Selangor, Shia labeled heretical

spread of Wahhabism made easier by West alongside Israel

West providing arms to Saudis to kill innocent in Yemen

Western greed major contributors spread  Wahhabi / Salafi ideology

ignoring dangers of “hateful and virulent ideology”.

West supporting ideology that creates terrorism.

to eliminate terrorists stop ideology that creates terrorism,” he said.

My comments :  Bravo Dr Farouk.  Saudi Wahabismm is a satanic ideology.

In this country you will not know this as well unless you can read English.

Because you are not going to read much enlightening discourse in Utusan, BH, Harakah, TV3, RTM, TV Hijrah etc (in Malay).  Or from the ceramah agama.

That is how they keep the people stupid.  As the Tunku Mahkota Johore said it, they do not want to have educated and intelligent people.

There is little or no intelligent discourse in these sources of information.  So people who get their information from these sources are royally screwed. They are stupid.

At last Saudi Arabia will liwat all of them.

Saudi Arabia is now very close friends with Israel.


They dont really care about all the Salafis they have created around the world. It is their own survival that counts.