Malaysian armed forces “ready” and waiting instructions from leadership

to play role after Trump recognised Jerusalem, said the defence minister.

Hishammuddin said Muslim-majority nation’s military prepared

did not elaborate why military in state of readiness.

insisted Trump’s decision “slap in face for entire Muslim world”.

we have to be prepared for any possibilities.

M’sian Armed Forces always ready

waiting for instructions from top leadership, said defence minister.

Najib called for unity in Muslim world to rally against US

My comments : 

The OIC is meeting on Wednesday. 

My view is the US has already told the Saudis what to say. 

The Saudis have told the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait etc what to say. 

The US has also already told the Pakistanis what to say. 

The US Ambassador here would also have either directly spoken to moron or Anifah Aman. The script has been decided.

Here is a comment about this thing sent to me by a former Cabinet Minister:

Can’t expect much from a slow learner addressing other slow learners. 

ln boleh-land,  Umno assembly can declare war against another country. 

Did he consult the military before declaring the war? 

Cant expect anything from an empty head.

He was bluffing the Umno delegates 

MOl said M’sia-US ties not affected by Jerusalem issue.    

See how hypocrites talk.  

No wonder Allah warn us against the hypocrites and hates them.

In front of MCA,  MOl  said DAP can’t form government so vote for MCA.  

ln front of UMNO,  MOI said DAP  will take over  govt and Kit  Siang will be PM.  

Cowgate woman said same thing.

  1. MOl said if opposition wins then  Mara, TH and other agencies will be gone.
  2. Sultan Selangor said Rulers and Constitution will protect Malays.  
  3. We know who is lying.
  4. Selangor and Penang are under opposition and Malays there are doing fine. 
  5. Only slow learners from Umno are complaining.
  6. And their “onion friends” from Kelantan support what MOl is saying.
  7. And  we all know how Kelantan Malays are suffering. 
  8. Hadi and MOl deserve each other.

Sorry – on Jerusalem, if Umno and govt are serious then they should ask OlC to hold emergency meeting.  Erdogan of Turkey is now chairman of OlC and has said Jerusalem is a “red line”.  

And after Trump announcement  he said  “Hey Trump! What do you want to do?”

What kind of approach is this? 

Political leaders do not stir things up if they seek to make peace.

And what about our Bugis warrior ??   

Bugis Warrior  should call for OIC emergency meeting and move a resolution that 

  • all members of OlC recall their ambassadors from Washington 
  • immediately stop all investments in America 
  • from now only trade with fellow OlC members, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This is real test if  MOl is really a Bugis warrior and serious about Jerusalem 

My comments :   Firstly what is an “onion friend” from Kelantan? 

Indeed MO1 has declared Donald Trump his golfing buddy. So nothing is going to happen about Donald Trump moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Just hot air to fool the kampong Malays in UMNO. 

The UMNO General Assembly has declared war on Israel. Shouldnt it be a Cabinet decision before we can send our soldiers off to fight any wars anywhere. How does a political party have the power to declare war on another country?

We have created unnecessarily bad publicity for ourselves again.

Folks, this final part is only for those of you who can think seriously.  

Lets focus on the real issue here. 

Was there really a magical, four legged, winged animal that could fly into the sky?

Did this magical, four legged, winged animal really transport a human cargo to anywhere?

Did this magical, four legged, winged animal really make a pit stop in that contested city?

Hence making that contested city a “holy” spot on earth? 

There is absolutely no evidence that there was a magical, four legged, winged animal that could fly into the sky.

Magical, four legged, winged animals that could fly into the sky were first mentioned in Hindu mythology. Later the idea spread to the Persians and the Greek “Pegassus”.  The Hindus called such an animal a ‘khamdenu’.  Here are some pictures:

1. The Hindu khamdenu –   a magical, four legged, winged animal that could fly.  The Hindus have stories about the khamdenu that go back more than 3000 years.

The khamdenu – the earliest known ‘four legged 
flying animal story’ –  from before 3000 years ago.

2. The Greek ‘Pegasus’. 

The Greek Pegasus is a mythical winged divine stallion that could fly, and one of the most recognised creatures in Greek mythology.   First Mentioned: 750-650 BC.   Mythological Origin: GreeceThe Greek version appeared much later than the Hindu khamdenu. Obviously the Greeks were “inspired” by India ??

So folks, if this magical, four legged, winged animal did not exist in history, then what are you fighting over? 

This is only for those of you who can think.

If you cannot think, then go and sit under a tree and chew on something.  I really cannot help you.