Although widely accepted by anthropologists though not conceded by the people of the Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal as well as Sicily), a majority of the peoples of this region have a distinct Arab Semitic blood in them. Yet the Spaniards, Southern Italians, French and Portuguese consider any reference to their Arab (North African) blood as an insult to them.

In Italy the Sicilians are often disparagingly and in pejorative terms referred to as ‘Africans’.


Yesterday 1 October 2017 marked a tectonic shift in the divisive politics of Europe. Something the Europeans for centuries had imposed by force on their former colonies to the detriment of great nations in their former colonies, the politics of divide and rule, is now re-emerging as a menace and a curse to their imperial ambitions. Nothing it seems can keep that elusive dream of a united Europe afloat any longer.

If Brexit was bad, then the revival of separatism in Spain driven by millions of disgruntled underclasses in the outlying regions seeking independence from Madrid – of which the seemingly dormant Basque separatists were once the biggest threat- should give food for thought and send shivers down the weak spines of Europe’s imperialists.

Just when we thought the dust had settled in Corsica (France) and in the Basque region of Spain, the people of Catalonia Spain ran a referendum to decide the fate and future of their region of Catalonia within Spain.

An overwhelming 90% of those who were eligible and cast their votes in this referendum decided to secede from Spain. Tonite they are expected to unilaterally declare their independence from the Kingdom of Spain. The central government of Spain acted in a brutal way often reserved for Arabs and Muslims by kicking, baton charging and assaulting unarmed civilians for simply exercising their democratic right to vote to leave Spain.


Not long after the vote had closed, a Basque separatist caller telephoned the office of the French news agency (AFP)  in London to announce that the Basque people will now revive their  own political objectives for full independence from Spain. The battle for re drawing the lines of Europe has resumed it seems.

In 2015 the French government spokesman at a news conference following  a ‘terrorist’ attack in Paris coyly and embarrassingly avoided a question from a newsman who asked if the in attacks Paris that day could possibly have been the work of Corsican separatists acting under the cover of the anti Arab anti Muslim hysteria that had gripped France.

The anger at the question was manifested swiftly when the Al Jeezera sponsored independent documentary maker who posed the question was deported and barred from re-entering France. It appears he stumbled on something the French wanted kept under wraps.

As to how many Muslims were executed in extra juridical killings by French police for being ‘Islamic terror suspects’ to cover up a wider malaise within Europe is unclear.

The Iberian peninsula is not alone in its divisions.

France, apart from its Corsican problem have the people of Brittany to contend with. Their nationalism lies dormant, fearfully postponed under the bogey of the threat of Islamic fundamentalism against the Galls in France and in all of Europe.

There are the Greeks of Albania who have long sought their independence from the tyranny of the government of Tirana Albania, Germans in Poland and the Russians in the Ukraine. Each part of Europe as a matter of fact is sizzling from the heat of an under current of separatist ambitions ready to pour onto the surface like Catalonia, Basque and Corsica are today.


Britain of course the chief architect of the division of great nations like India (now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), Africa and the middle east is not immune to the growing scourge of separatism.

Scottish nationalism has not always been benign and kilted like a Sean Connery grin. There was a period in the 1970’s when bombs and shootings were the order of the day. The Scots were convinced to lay down their radical approach after the Irish problem became a bloody mess following a massacre of scores of people during a peaceful march murdered by British paramilitary in 1970.

It appears that the chickens have truly come home to roost in Europe with the realization by common folk that the problems they have with the Arabs and Muslims is a concoction of western governments and their American allies like the Hillary Clinton George Soros funded movements calling themselves the ‘springs’ ‘pro- democracy movements’ and ‘the anti -corruption alliances’.

The veneer of respectability and legitimacy of these groups began to peel off after the defeat of Hillary Clinton and here ultra right wing assembly of monied tyrants and liars. Their Trojans spread throughout the former colonies of the Europeans and Americans alike with names like Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and C4.


Interestingly and ironically so many of these European states now under threat of being torn apart by their own ethnic violence, civil wars and suppression of minorities have been most vocal in international forums demanding ‘special rights’ and autonomy for religious based states like Kashmir in a secular country. It is they who have been most vocal in demanding cleaner, freer and fairer elections in places like Malaysia, Indonesia and China when they aren’t prepared to allow the same in their own countries. For their part they continue to harass, kill and assault their own constituents who demand what are basic rights along democratic and constitutional lines.

It is time for Europe and the US and countries like Australia who act as their surrogates in the Asia Pacific region to take stock of their own political misfortunes instead of spreading separatism and their distorted ideas of democracy throughout the world.

As the Catalonian’s celebrate what the rest of Spain denounces, two Canadians and two French women have been killed in their respective countries in what some writers and commentators call a new front in the next 100 years war.


This appears to be retribution for what George Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz (Anwar Ibrahim’s mentor), Douglas Feith, the Queen of England (through her parliament and government) John Howard and Henry Kissinger unleashed over an otherwise dormant and deeply religious people divided by despotic rulers and now united in their radical brand of Islam.

That body of people now seeking retribution and restitution for the carnage and murderous campaigns against them by a Christian west are the mainly Arab and North African Muslims who together with their brethren worldwide constitute a fifth of humanity.