I am telling you folks, 2017 has been one of the most difficult years ever for many businesses in Malaysia.  

2018 is going to be worse. 

2018 is not going to be Visit Malaysia Year.  

2018 is going to be the Year of 1Malaysia Tutup Kedai.  Dont believe me? Read this:

1.  First up here is a video of an MTUC guy saying somethings in simple   language :


He says 70,000 people lost their jobs in three months  !!  

I bet most of them are Malays. 

No “high income” nation for the 70,000 people.  

But its ok, the Malay people are so ‘sabar’. Sabar because it is all part of the cabaran, dugaan, takdir and rezeki. Sabar brader, sabar.

2.  The Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia have already shut down.  Next is the Malay Mail about the Kedai Buku 1 Malaysia (KB1M)  also about to tutup  kedai.  I didnt know there was a Kedai Buku 1 Malaysia in the first place.


  • lawsuit to recover RM104,930.75 owed by (KB1M)
  • an initiative by govt to sell books at cheaper prices 
  • arrears accumulated since last year
  • last time KB1M made payments on Nov 2016 
  • contacted several times with no reply
  • Putrajaya launched first KB1M outlet in September 2012 
  • to provide books, stationeries at affordable prices.

My comments :  

All the 1 Malaysia “initiatives” are just crap.  

Just to fool the people. 

Just to fool the Malays. 

It is so easy for the gomen to fool the Malays.

2. Now here is FMT about Proton dealers tutup kedai :

Many Proton dealers abandoning business

due to higher vehicle allocation, lower sales, rising holding charges

dealers struggling to sell enough units to meet break-even point

allocated 50 cars / month, twice sellable number

pushes holding cost to RM3m 

after 2 weeks unsold units subject to 10.35% interest per annum

20 dealers decided to seek other business 

struggling to sell 40 units to meet break-even point

Proton vendors given a month to cut prices by 20%.China’s Geely owns 49.9% in Proton

My comments :  Proton has been sold to China’s Geely. Geely is cracking the whip.  First they called Proton’s local  parts suppliers and told them to cut prices 20% across the board.   I think most of the local suppliers are now shitting bricks already.

Then Proton / Geely said they will source parts from anywhere that is cheap and of acceptable quality.  Local suppliers will be shitting bricks again.

Now Proton / Geely is putting the pressure on local Proton dealers to sell at least 50 cars a month. The dealers complain they can only sell 20 cars a month. 

I say brader-brader dealer Proton. Dengar baik-baik ya. Geely kira macam ini bro.

Katakanlah “demand” untuk Proton dalam satu kawasan adalah  1000 biji kereta sebulan. 

Lets say ada 50 dealer Proton dalam kawasan itu,  tiap seorang boleh jual 20 biji kereta sahaja sebulan. Total = 1000 kereta sebulan.

Geely pikir macam ini.  Increase minimum sales jadi 50 biji kereta sebulan bagi setiap dealer.   Ramai dealer akan mati sebab demand masih 1000 kereta sebulan sahaja di kawasan itu. 

Demand tak akan naik pagi esok sebab Kepala Bapak masih pegang kuasa ok.  

So, no choice – dealer Proton yang kurang mahir jual kereta akan terpaksa tutup kedai.  Lets say 30 dealer akan tutup kedai. Yang tinggal 20 dealer sahaja. 

Sebab demand still 1000 biji kereta sebulan sahaja di kawasan itu, maksudnya 20 dealer yang survive itu sekarang boleh lah jual 50 biji kereta setiap seorang setiap bulan. (Ini kira cincai sahaja but you get the idea). 

Demand tetap 1000 kereta sebulan. 

Demand tidak akan naik sangat overnite. 

  • Maksudnya this taktik by Proton / Geely bukan untuk tambahkan jualan kereta.
  • This taktik  by Geely adalah untuk MENGURANGKAN bilangan dealer Proton yang memang ramai.  Mungkin terlalu ramai.  It is a cost cutting measure.  

Kenapa tak lantik Syed Akbar Ali jadi CEO Proton?  Saya sudah menjelaskan cara untuk menyelamatkan Proton dalam buku saya “To Digress A Little”  pada tahun 2005. 12 tahun sudah.  You never listened to common sense. 

Sekarang pi jual Proton kepada Geely pula. 

And Geely is doing exactly what I said in my book. 

Anyone with common sense will do the same thing.

Tak payah Geely, tak payah Jepun atau German. 

We can do it ourselves. 

Tetapi kekawan ketuanan kena guna kepala otak untuk memikir. 

Jangan memikir dengan menggunakan kepala lutut. 

Atau kepala b_ _ _ h atau kepala bapak.

Sekarang supplier Proton nak belanja pi ke reban ayam di Medan sudah tak boleh. 

Sekarang sudah jual Proton kepada Geely, bebudak ketuanan nak melanc_p pun dah tak boleh.  

Why are you all so stupid?   

Esok pun masih stupid ke?