‘Are we scared of those with small minds and big sledgehammers?’

My two-line tweet

Chokstone: In former minister Zaid Ibrahim’s words, “It’s the people, and no one else, who determine if a particular leader is qualified to be a menteri besar, or who is going to burn this country; it’s the people and no one else, who decide which one can be trusted and which one will sell this country for money.”

We can’t lose Zaid, as he is the only one that dares speak the truth. He always has the guts to speak up and make right the rotten and distorted mentality of this society led by Umno.

Royal matters have always been used as a tool by the ruling regime to manipulate society. Someone has to speak truth to power.

DAP could not afford to help him in this case, as any defence they can offer will cunningly be used by those evil minds to attack Pakatan Harapan.

Hopefully, Zaid will continue with his noble cause to bring this nation to a higher ground. Zaid, you are a true patriot.

Varuna: History teaches us that it is in the interest of a rational and productive civil life to be judgmental rather than equivocal, especially as it pertains to the protection and promotion of what is ethically right for society.

When persuasion and conviction to uphold what is ethical and right is in default due to the agnosticism of the people as a whole, then society will be surely disadvantaged.

Equivocation often times unwittingly enables opportunists and the wrongdoers.

Jaycee: We are with you, Zaid. Obviously, the word “democracy” in Bolehland has become really warped.

Criticism against the government is not allowed. If one is “thin-skinned,” then one should stay away from politics.

Nor are we allowed to disagree with the royalty. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth and her family get their fair share of criticism, and we don’t see them affected by the negativity hurled upon them.

Raja Chulan: Zaid, I agree when you say that you were not defending Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but explaining the meaning of democracy and the system of constitutional monarchy.

I agree with you completely on the limits of constitutional monarchy, as you have explained in this article. I hope the constitutional monarchs will take heed.

As you have correctly pointed out, “it is the people and no one else” who will decide. Constitutional monarchs must not exploit the situation when we have a weak and allegedly corrupt leader in government as we do now.

For example, I read that the sultan wants more than one name from which to “choose” a menteri besar. But the people’s choice of a menteri besar – the person nominated by the party or coalition having majority seats in an election – must be respected by all. The monarch’s job is to carry out the swearing-in.

If someone else is given the right to select the MB, then why hold elections in the first place?

Lamborghini: Zaid, I salute you for your moral courage to speak up on “black hole issues” and to tread where other politicians dare not venture.

I believe that every person is equal before God and before the law of this land, irrespective of their position.

May God grant you His peace and protection.

Royal Salute 21Y: We saluted you when you stepped down from the cabinet in protest of the arrest of Teresa Kok and the reporter (Tan Hoon Cheng) from Sin Chew Jit Poh under ISA in 2008.

You are a man of principle, thank you. Some of your colleagues have distanced themselves from this issue and I understand why they did this, just look at the way they lambasted DAP during the recent annual gathering of kleptrocrats, sycophants, minions, racists and leeches.

To voice their support for you would only give ammunition to the enemy, but silently, all of us are behind you.

Falcon: I am sure millions of Malaysians share your views and sentiments, but fear reprisals of the worst kind.

For now, fear contains them but sooner or later all will be laid bare – the double standards, the double talk, the hypocrisy, the greed, and God willing, the true and real faces of many in our political landscape.

May the Almighty bless and protect you and your family.

Speaking Sense: Some have minds, others just have small minds. Unfortunately, in this country, the latter are in high places, and think it is their right to suppress those with minds.

So, it is up to us, the people – do we want a government and rulers with minds, or are we too scared of those with small minds but big sledgehammers who are ruining this country?

Jamal released from remand, claims fainted in lockup

Worried Sick: Look at Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos, he wants people arrested so the police must do a double-quick.

He thinks just because he is an Umno member and using the sultan’s name, everything and everybody must be subservient to him. Nuts, I say.

Let Jamal do his pranks and alienate all in the country, and let us see who the people will vote for.

In a way, the opposition must say “thank you” to this guy because half their work of winning over the rakyat to their side is being done by this one man alone.

LCCTs: Umno worships people like you, Jamal, and want you to lead. Keep it up. You will soon be the next Youth chief, and the future prime minister. We need you for the entertainment. Please stay well.

Anonymous: Milosuam’s remand extended, but this guy gets released…

No Brain: No back pain when using a sledgehammer on Zaid’s cut-out, but suddenly got back pain in remand? What a joke.

– M’kini