This country is now acting out a script that is worse than the worst Bollywood movie or Malay drama.

The thieves are sleeping easy while the brave young man who took so much risk to expose them has been sent to jail.

Folks, do you recall that Whistleblowers Act? Well they can take the act, roll it up and shove it up where the sun does not shine.  It has become a useless piece of toil_t paper.

It was crafted after Flying Buffet 1 and Flying Buffet 2. (Yes Dato, go and check the language.)

At one briefing I was informed that if you want to be a whistle blower, then you absolutely cannot talk to anyone (aka Press, Media) before you seek protection under the Whistleblowers Act. If you speak to the Media, then you are no more protected under the Whistleblowers Act.

I think this is a brilliant idea to protect the crooks. If even the Head Legal Eagle can be fired from his job overnite, how much protection do you think the Whistleblowers Act is going to help you?

In other countries, you can speak to the Media, you can speak to whoever you want. The whistle blowers acts they have there will still protect you. The FBIs Witness Protection Program is a good example.

Back to the thieving people. You know you have done wrong.

Legally and cleverly you have dotted all the ‘I’s and crossed all the ‘t’s. Pandai lah korang.  The paperwork is proper.  You are the people who made the system. You know how it works.  So you have escaped.

You know you did not need RM250 million to buy cows. The idea was buy the cows, fatten the cows, sell the cows, make profit from selling the cows and then use the profit to buy the Nissan Murano, buy those condos etc.  That would have been ok.

But that takes too long isnt it? It also takes something called work. These concepts are alien. It does not fit the party image.

So just cut short the movie script,  take the money now and buy the cars and condos – for cash. I met the boy who sold the Murano for cash. They too have gone bust. Sad betul. Another easy money story that bit the dust.  Never ending.

So you folks are happy now?

Sleep easy at night?

Enjoy sweet dreams?

Attend weekend parties and binges?

Oh I forgot, you dont need weekends.

Every night is Saturday night.

It was public funds.

You dont have to go to school to know that.

Taxpayers money.

Lets put it another way.    It was a loan. A loan is a loan is a loan.  Ok, we got that.   Now, lets  say it was not a gubberment loan. Say it was a CIMB Loan for RM250.0 Million. The CIMB loan was disbursed, to buy the cows.

Then the cows got held up.

The cows were late.

The cows did not show up.

No cows or not enough cows.

Do you think CIMB would have agreed if you said,       ‘Ok, cows are late. Cant do much about that.  Meantime, we will use the loan money to buy condos, buy the Murano, set up a couple of high end stake joints etc’ ?

Do you think CIMB would have agreed?  Totally impossible isnt it.

You can only do this type of crap because it was a gubberment loan.

As I said, you created the system. You are in the inside loop.

The young man did not dig out the info by himself. It was yet another whistleblower who leaked the information. They knew what was happening was wrong. They knew what they were doing was morally and ethically right.


They were brave people.

They are the good guys.

You are not.

And now  the good guys are sleeping in jail.

They have wives, children and family.

Forget about their loss of income, paying the rent, paying the car instalments etc. Forget about a young mother left to care for her kids all by herself. Its going to be tough. Daddy is in jail.

But who assures the wife and kids that daddy is safe and secure while he is sleeping in jail?

Who assures the family ?

The thieves are still whooping it up.

So you folks are happy now?

You folks sleep easy at night?

You still have sweet dreams?

You attend weekend parties and binges?

You still have some of that cash lying around?

Buy a ticket to that stone building.

Go weep and wail.

You know – to wash off your sins.

The stone building will not speak.

It will just stare back at you.

The building does not even know you are there.

The young man is sleeping in jail tonite.

He will be there for a while.

Because of you.

All the good people in the country are so proud of him.

We are so proud that in our midst there is a young man who stood up so courageously against common thieves. 

He is a hero.

You are common thieves.

Sleep with that tonite.

And every nite.