KUCHING – A video commercial by a Sarawak-based supermarket outlet on the unique bond between a teenage girl and her father is fast making waves on social media.

The video, titled ‘Bapa Asyik’, by the Emart Group of Companies, has been praised by netizens for embracing the use of Bahasa Sarawak and it’s subject matter.

The video’s production value has also been lauded for being similar to those produced in Thailand, the home of world-famous tearjerker commercials.

The 93-second long clip has garnered more than 169,000 views and shared more than 2,700 times since it was posted on Emart’s official Facebook page two weeks ago.

“I might not be the perfect one. I might not be the best in any way. I might seem to be indifferent. But my greatest desire is for your life to be filled with tremendous joy and peace due to my existence.

“Because your happiness, needs and well-being has always been my deepest commitment,” read the caption accompanying the clip, which was written in Malay, Mandarin and English.

The caption perhaps summed up the father-daughter dynamic as portrayed by the two main characters in the short movie.

Staring Michelle Lungan from Era FM Sarawak as the teenager, the video opened with the teenager making preparations ahead of her upcoming examination.

In the video, the girl complained about her father’s less than desirable qualities.

“(My father)… suka mengarah orang (he like to boss people around),” she grumbled as the character who plays her father instructs her to accompany him to an E-mart supermarket.

“He is always full of sarcasm,” the teenager said, with her continuing to rattle off her father’s uncouth behaviour, underscoring their difficult relationship.

The plot of the story takes a twist on the day the girl obtains her exam results. The expression on her face showed that she did not obtain the good grades she had expected.

As she returned home, anticipating an earful from her usually gruff, demanding and uncompromising father, she gets a surprise when he instead consoles her.

“Sik pa, keputusan kitak sik berapa bagus gila (It’s alright, even if your exam results were not excellent).

“Yang penting, kitak sik putus asa (What’s important is that you do not give up,” he said.

The video ends with the girl amazed at her father’s ability to surprise her, with her saying the words “My father…. is full of surprises,” as the clip came to an end.

The video struck a chord with viewers, many of whom praised it for sticking true to its Sarawak roots.

Social media commenters also praised the subject matter.

“Itu lah bapak terbaik untuk anak nya (He is the greatest father for his daughter),” wrote Fadill Yakuza on Facebook.

Another user, Hezel Erzan Shahfinaz Ramdan, said she could not help but draw parallells with her own relationship with her parents.

“I was never scolded by my parents even though I did not score straight A’s in my exams. To them, scoring straight A’s is no guarantee of doing well in the future,” she wrote.