FORMER prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he shared similar objectives with DAP to end BN’s rule but that does not mean he was under DAP’s thumb.

“Yes, I am with the DAP but  DAP does not own me. I am on my own,” said the 91-year-old Dr Mahathir at the Jalan Duta court complex today.

Last night, Umno president and Prime Minister Najib Razak laid into “certain leaders” who dared to oppose the party.

In a veiled reference to Dr Mahathir, Najib said the former “dared to get chummy and kiss Umno’s enemies on the lips, those whom he used to oppose just because of his personal agenda”.
Meanwhile, long-time Dr Mahathir supporters Khairuddin Abu Hassan and his lawyer Matthias Chang Wen Chiew were acquitted and discharged by Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court over a charge of attempting to sabotage Malaysia’s banking and financial system.

Khairuddin and Chang were charged on Oct 12, 2015 with committing the offence between June 28 and Aug 26, 2015 at police stations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and London and the Swiss attorney-general’s office in Bern.

The duo had lodge multiple police reports against 1MDB in the various countries.

Both were facing jail sentences of up to 15 years under Section 124L of the Penal Code, if convicted.

Judge Wan Mohd Norisham Wan Yaakob announced the judgement after agreeing with the submission by counsel Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla that his clients should be granted an acquittal in view of public interest.

“The court now acquits both the accused from the charge. The bails and passports are to be returned,” he said.

Deputy public prosecutor Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud told the court yesterday the prosecution found that it would be fair to drop the charge against the two.