SHAH ALAM – DAP members theSun spoke to after the party’s re-election today said their only wish is for the RoS to leave the party alone.

Many delegates who cast their votes were generally satisfied with the results but at the same time pondered whether it would “satisfy” the RoS.

Seremban delegate Tee Shuey Ping, 31, hoped that the re-election would satisfy the requirements set by the RoS, who had previously ruled the 2012 election as invalid.

“I am not satisfied with RoS. How many times do we have to vote? This has been the third time I am voting,” he said.

“Call the RoS and see the results. It is not much different from the 2012 results. Please RoS, enough,” he told theSun.

Another delegate from Perak, Danish Choo, 43, said the party had even appointed an audit firm to monitor the polls.

“We have done everything based on the procedures. I hope the RoS is satisfied and will accept the results,” he said, adding that there were not much changes made in the current CEC.

Meanwhile, delegate Chandra Mohan S.T, 64, believes that there was no reason for the RoS to say no to the results of the re-election as the party adhered to the requirements.

When asked whether he was confident that there would not be any more trouble from the RoS, he said: “I don’t know.”

“We hope not. We followed all that the RoS wanted and we don’t see any reason for them to disturb us again,” he said.

Chandra said the results of the re-election was a reflection of what the delegates wanted in steering the party to face the next general election.

“The delegates made a very clear choice.

“There is a wide gap (of votes) between the top 20 and the remaining contestants. It is a clear indication of what the delegates wanted,” he added.

The re-election was held after the party on July 17 received official notification from RoS regarding the department’s order for the party to hold a fresh re-election of its CEC.

The order was issued as RoS had neither accepted nor recognised the election held by DAP on Dec 15, 2012, and the re-election on Sept 29, 2013.

– Sundaily