I read this Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s post just now,


and think that the handsome old man was quite sadden by the attitude of a group of youths that he met at a Pakatan Harapan’s event.


2. They asked very intelligent questions but were a little disappointing because they were mainly about past alleged misdeeds of the BN Governments. There was hardly any reference to the present and the future. The main focus was on Ops Lalang.
3. On corruption the assumption seems to be that any new Government would do all the things that Najib has done and is doing as long as the systems remain the same. There seems to be a belief that if the system is right then everything will be fine.
4. Merely changing the Government would not result in the Prime Minister lose his great power and his corruption.
5. The implication seems to be that voting in the election would not resolve the problems facing the country. This being so voting would be an exercise in futility.
6. In other words let the present Government continue, let Najib be the Prime Minister. It reflects the aphorism “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t ”.

There were just three comments at the post when I read it.

These are two of them;


I am from your generation. And we suffered under your racist and bigoted Malaynising of Malaysia. My father could not advance in his career in government service because preference was given to the Malays and the policies of your UMNO-BN racist based political parties.
Look we are willing to give you a chance.
But your total disregard of others perspective of you and arrogance to think you don’t owe Malaysians a proper apology leads us to know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
The apology won’t change the past. But it will show us that the Mahathir we have now will fight for us.
From your tone, it does confirm you have your own agenda and getting the rakyat to back you is only the means to your ends.
Apologise from your heart and Malaysians will embrace you.
Otherwise, there is no reason to trust you if you can’t own up to the wrongs against Malaysians while you were in absolute power. We watched Malaysia spiral done the chasm of racism during your time. We lived it.
Now Najib has just taken over from you and just part of the regime you created over your 22 years.
Change if you truly want change and if you want us to change how we think of you.

Dave Copper

Ops Lalang, you can’t help but people will ask questions pertaining to the event when both you Tun, and LKS are sitting on stage.
Ops Lalang was the racial tensions you created to solidify your status and BN’s status.
But now that you are no longer in BN, you still try to create it via your proxy: Perkasa.
Recently the dumb-ass Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali threatened that his organization would “declare a war” if the government were to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).
He said over his dead body would anyone attempt to put other languages on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia.
Wait a minute! Let’s rewind a bit, who said they want other languages to be on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia? They only wanted UEC to be recognised, that’s all.
The Dumbass asserted: “We don’t want to see the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures,”
Wait a minute! Let’s rewind again, who said the recognition of UEC is equivalent to putting the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures.
UEC is about education, it has nothing to do with religions, status and culture.
Also, who the hell is Ibrahim to imply that status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture is above other religions and cultures?
UEC has already been recognized internationally by top-ranking institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne, Peking University and Kyoto University.
All of the above universities ranks higher than all of Malaysia’s universities, UEC is not on the same status as STPM, it is above it.
So, who the hell is Ibrahim? He is Tun’s protégé, sorry, but my vote is for BN.
If over his dead body was his wish, I wish him dead.

I can’t help but to suspect that both commentators are Chinese.

Probably they are youths too.

They seemed quite unhappy with Dr Mahathir over what he did with race relations during his premiership and later on when he associated himself with Malay pressure group Perkasa.

I might be wrong but all these made me think that there are many who hate BN and Umno but also hate Dr Mahathir.

I actually met a very prominent anti-BN author recently and he said he can’t accept Dr Mahathir as the opposition leader.

The guy is a middle aged Chinese.

Based on what Dr Mahathir wrote, it seemed that even the younger ones don’t seem to really like him very much.

Bear in mind that the root cause of

Operation Lalang 

is Chinese education.

Dr Mahathir looks popular among the mostly Chinese students when he visited UTAR a few years ago

The Pribumi Bersatu youth wing may make up a huge bulk of the party’s membership but those are Malays.

Their thinking is different from the young Chinese.

Bear in mind that Chinese youths were the driving force behind DAP’s overwhelming victory in 2013.

If they are unhappy that Pakatan is led by Dr Mahathir, then I believe DAP may not do as well as 2013 this time around.

That will be very bad for Pakatan.

Maybe MCA’s Liow Tiong Lai’s rather funny insistence over the past weeks that the Chinese are beginning to return some of their support to BN is not so laughable anymore.

I think Pakatan leaders need to rethink their strategy if this is true. Without a more enthusiastic support from the Chinese community, they may be surprised by BN in areas where five years ago it’s impossible for the ruling coalition to even touch.