The Kelantan state government wants to do a demonstration of public caning to show that in Islam, punishment is not meant to inflict pain but to be educational.

The hypocrites are at it again. This is supposed to be “educational” for whom? For the accused person, it will be a painful and traumatic experience to be shamed for a moral offence. This will be especially the case for young offenders, who may well be scarred for life. Is public shaming how these Muslim hypocrites view “justice”?

Is it somehow educational for the public? If caning does not hurt, isn’t painful and isn’t shameful — as these hypocrites claim — then how is it a deterrent?

The wave of Talibanisation sweeping through Malaysia has changed the character of many Malays beyond recognition. Throughout history, Malays have been known for their gentle character and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to accommodate differences.

They were known as a people of culture, with strong positive human traits such as respect, integrity and kindness on others, — for a glimpse of what they used to be like, just read the works of the British writers as well as well-known Malay authors such as Abdul Rahim Kajai and Muhammad Haji Ishak.

Today, many Malays are trapped by the values of the Taliban because they have been indoctrinated as a means of consolidating political and economic power of the elites.

Today, many Malays have lost their identity and character because they are conned by their useless leaders. These leaders think they need to emulate the culture of the Taliban to show they are good Muslims.


Just the other day, whilst waiting in court for my case to be heard, I saw a young Malay girl who had been charged for the offence of throwing her stillborn baby in a toilet. She suffered from post-partum depression, which is a medical condition that doctors know well — in fact, the psychiatrist’s report clearly showed that she did not know what she was doing.

The prosecutor was a Muslim and so was the officer from the Welfare Department. I would have thought that a Muslim with a strong sense of justice would not have prosecuted this young girl for a criminal offence. She has suffered enough.

Fortunately, the judge was kind enough to allow my lawyer (who was present to argue my case), to take up the girl’s case at the next hearing. My lawyer is Indian and I am proud of him. He volunteered because, obviously, an injustice would have been done if no one stepped forward. You do not have to be Muslim to be human, considerate and kind.

What baffles me is that there are young, well-educated Malays who are working hard for Najib and PAS to win again. I do not know what is important to these Malays anymore.

Maybe Malays now are so different that “Taliban justice” is attractive to them. Under the rule of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his supporters in PAS, Malays have been truly transformed.