So stop bitching, moaning, groaning, grumbling and complaining. In 2015 you said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak takde batu. In 2015 you said Najib is not a fighter. In 2015 you asked, “What type of Bugis Warrior is Najib who dares not strike back?”

Very seldom have I had it this easy. Normally I would need to write lengthy essays of between 1,500 to 2,500 words to get my message across. Even then, in spite of how long-winded I can sometimes be, the Pakatuns, Dapsters and brain-dead opposition supporters still miss the point.

Today, Jahabar Sadiq came out with his The Malaysian Insight Editorial and for the first time I have nothing more to say.

It is not I have nothing more to say because Jahabar stumped me — because no one can ever stump me, and in my entire life that has never happened (sorry if I sound pompous but when you are good you are good…so what more can I say?) — but I have nothing more to say because Jahabar has said it all for me.

(Stump: baffle, perplex, puzzle, confuse, confound, bewilder, mystify, nonplus, defeat).

Lim Kit Siang has suddenly lost his voice and is no longer screaming like an Orang Cina Gila

The RCI on the RM31.5 billion Bank Negara forex loss is a political move. The RCI is aimed at embarrassing the opposition that appointed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the man who lost RM31.5 billion of the rakyat’s money, as its ‘top dog’. The RCI is to silence Lim Kit Siang who had been asking for an RCI for more than 20 years. The RCI is a message to Mahathir to jangan cakap banyak sebab engkau lebih teruk. The RCI is the first step towards criminal proceedings against the criminals who stole RM31.5 billion of Bank Negara’s money. The RCI is to show Malaysians that Anwar Ibrahim conspired with Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin to hide the truth from the nation.

The trio who burned RM31.5 billion of the rakyat’s money

That and more is what the opposition is saying. And that is what Jahabar Sadiq, Mahathir and many more are also saying.

My response to that is: so what? Even if that is the truth and that is what the RCI is really all about, so what? This is war. And have you not heard that everything is fair in love and war?

So stop bitching, moaning, groaning, grumbling and complaining. In 2015 you said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak takde batu. In 2015 you said Najib is not a fighter. In 2015 you asked, “What type of Bugis Warrior is Najib who dares not strike back?”

Well, now Najib has struck back. Najib has shown you he can fight and he dares fight. Najib has used the same tactics you used against him to hit back at you. Now Najib has hurt you as bad as you tried to hurt him. Today you feel the same pain you subjected him to for more two years.

So stop bitching, moaning, groaning, grumbling and complaining. Take it like a man or else pergi main jauh-jauh. Sakit sikit menangis. Perjuang apa macam ni? Malulah!

How much was Jahabar Sadiq paid to write that low-class editorial below?

A sham of an RCI

The Malaysian Insight Editorial

NO matter how much you dress it up, a sham is a sham.

Notwithstanding the fine binding, officious looking cover, and impressive 830 pages, the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) report of the forex losses incurred by Bank Negara Malaysia in the 1990s is nothing more than a sad attempt to score political points.

Even sadder is that the only people likely to be impressed by the lightweight report are:

1. The lightweight members of the RCI who put it together;

2. Prime Minister Najib Razak and his yes-men;

3. The mainstream media;

4. Umno politicians and their sycophants.

Here are some takeaways from the RCI:

* There was a time when RCIs were convened by the government as a fact-finding endeavour. Even in a land where institutions have been hollowed out and the leaders suffer a credibility deficit, the setting up of an RCI is still accepted at face value to be at least as an honest fact-finding mission.

But the Bank Negara forex trading inquiry had a foul stench from the start because it was clear that the Najib administration was doing it to settle a score with a particular individual who had become a thorn in its side.

The forex scandal at the central bank happened decades ago and despite years and years of repeated calls from the opposition to uncover what really happened, there was no response from the Barisan Nasional government. Until now.

Why now? Because Dr Mahathir Mohamad has become a nuisance to Najib’s government.

So in his haste to kill off his political nemesis, Najib reached for the one platform with some residue of credibility.

In doing so, he has continued in the fine tradition of Umno leaders who have turned to dust everything good they touched in this blessed country.

* Beyond reasonable doubt. No hearsay. Corroboration of evidence . Presumption of innocence.

These are principles of criminal law practised the world over and which are judiciously applied in serious democracies.

Incredibly, the inquiry paid scant attention to these principles but had the temerity to lay criminal offences at the feet of  Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim.

And we are advising African countries on rule of law, the justice system, and governance?

* Nor Mohamed Yakcop knew this day would come. He was responsible for the colossal losses because he was reckless.

But at least he had the guts to admit it during the inquiry. In the run-up to the inquiry, he received messages from many individuals telling him what he should say and do to preserve his position in Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

The pressure was immense but he chose to listen to his conscience.

Immediately after the inquiry, he tendered his resignation. The perks are gone and so are the long line of “friends”.

So what? A clear conscience and admission of wrongdoing is a better keepsake than the guilt from stitching another up to save yourself .

* What should Malaysians do with the RCI report?

Consign it to the dustbin of history. Suggest we do same with the muppets associated with the inquiry.

Raja Petra Kamarudin