The unexpected resignation of Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, Duyong assemblyperson Goh Leong San, Bachang assemblyperson Lim Jak Wong and Kesidang assemblyperson Chin Choong Seong from the DAP has given BN a gift in the next general elections despite BN being mired in massive corruption scandals from 1MDB RM52 billion scandals and USD1 billion donation scandals to FELDA’s RM4.3 billion missing funds scandal. The resignation of the four elected representatives were unexpected because Sim who had been personally handpicked by DAP leader Lim Kit Siang to stand in the 1986 general elections, and again saved by Kit Siang from expulsion from the DAP after Sim stood as an independent in the 2013 general election against the DAP candidate in the Kota Laksamana state seat.

DAP could have taken disciplinary action then against such open defiance against the party, but we believed that Sim whilst misguided, was still loyal to the party and the people. Sim had repeatedly pledged his undying loyalty to the DAP. Even during his betrayal of the party in the 2013 general elections, Sim had famously said that “he lived as DAP and would die as a DAP man, this fact is immutable”. Clearly Sim has broken his pledge not just to the party but to the people who supported the DAP.

I admit my mistake in trusting that Sim Tong Him and his faction leaders, will remain loyal to DAP and DAP’s campaign to save Malaysia, despite their differences with the DAP Central Executive Committee(CEC). I am saddened to hear Sim saying that he leaves the party he joined for nearly 35 years without any heartache.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that Sim and his faction, could not accept their rejection by DAP Melaka members which led to their defeat in the 2015 DAP Melaka State Ordinary Convention. Goh Leong San was replaced by Banda Hilir ADUN Tey Kok Tiew as DAP Melaka State Chairman.

The party did not change but remained the same. Sim and his faction changed after their defeat, focusing their attacks on the party rather than on BN’s corruption scandals or the excesses of the Melaka Chief Minister. Instead of working to win back the confidence of DAP Melaka members, they turned against DAP for spurning them, leading to a one year suspension by the party.

Any party member that genuinely loves their party would communicate policy differences with the party leadership. None of the four had conveyed to me, Acting National Chairman Tan Kok Wai or National Organising Secretary Anthony Loke on the so-called deep policy differences with the party. They appear confused as to what policy differences they are unhappy about. They also seem confused about the rationale for resigning, which appears more to be an act of personal retaliation for their defeat in the Melaka state party elections and subsequent suspension for one year.

DAP has adhered to our struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia and will continue to fight corruption and defend the Federal Constitution from being manipulated and perverted by BN. The four’s adoption of the MCA’s dishonest line that DAP’s support for PAS in the 13th General Elections accelerated Malaysia’s Islamisation, ignores the fact that it is UMNO that is supporting PAS in implementing hudud-like laws whilst DAP broke up with the PAS President for collaborating with UMNO.

DAP members and leaders must pick ourselves up from this betrayal. No individual leader is bigger than the party. I shall be going down to Melaka to hold a meeting with DAP Melaka party leaders and members accompanied by several CEC leaders on Tuesday 8pm. Let us explain to the people that throwing tantrums to satisfy personal grievances has no room in the larger battle to save Malaysians from the economic horrors of corruption, GST, declining incomes and value of the ringgit as well as higher cost of living.






行动党本可以采取纪律行动对付公开违抗及对抗党者,但我们相信沈同钦当时是一时迷失,其心底仍是忠于党与人民。沈同钦曾多次宣誓对行动党的忠诚至死不渝,即便他在2013年大选背叛行动党的时候,沈同钦仍曾公开作出著名的誓言称他生是行动人,死是行动党鬼,这是无法改变的事实。 显然,沈同钦现在不仅违背他对行动党的誓言,更违背了支持行动党的人民。