I received an email from one of the shop lot owners at Ampang Park Mall asking for help to publicise their plight with the gomen. The Mall is being acquired by the gomen for the MRT project.
Owners and tenants of the Mall have been promised compensation. But there are grumblings that the gomen valuation is much below market values. More worrying is that the gomen has not paid everyone yet. Does the gomen have money to pay the compensation?
First here is The Star of 27 Sept, 2017 :

govt paying RM300mil – RM400mil to acquire Ampang Park from owners 

separate package for tenants, excluded from this valuation.

  • 3 valuers have reservations about RM300mil compensation 
  • they felt the figure should be higher. 

PPC International estimate compensation more than RM300mil.

Another valuer said RM300mil figure “is questionable”. 

total compensation should be more 

Stocker Roberts & Gupta  . . . .maximum RM400mil 

compensation for GF units between RM5,200 – RM6,200 (psf)

1st floor RM1,700 – RM2,500 psf 

2nd floor RM1,500 – RM1,800 psf.

GF highest value, rental averaging RM30 – RM38 psf a month

So far, only verbal awards given and is confidential

Federal Territory Land Office completed the hearings on Sept 2.

told to wait for formal written award after being told verbally

GF owners offered RM6,000 per sq ft.

About 80% shop owners received formal awards. 

Compensation to be paid by November.

authorities must not keep owners, tenants in limbo

Tell them when they want vacant possession 

They are now in a limbo


Here is a letter from one of the shop owners :

Please help

The Malaysian Government has acquired Ampang Park Shopping Center for pittance. 

My lot in Ampang Park Shopping Center 1st floor concourse (Lot 2.59 Ampang Park Shopping Center) was valued at RM 2,130,498 but the Malaysian Government is only paying RM 744,000. 

As can be seen the ground floor units was paid almost fair price based on the valuation but other than that all other lots were paid very little (there were talk that some of the ground floor units of Ampang Park Shopping Center were being held by UM_O members, one lot was indeed known to be held by a prominent UM_O member).

The value of the 1st floor compared to the ground floor is only one third the value which is ridiculous.

I have enclosed my own lot valuations and my payment H form given by the Malaysian Government.

But that is not the worse of it, there has been no payment by the Malaysian Government on the promised 60 days in the submission of the H form for my Lot 2.59 Ampang Park Shopping Center. 

In fact the submission of my form was on 13 September 2017, now (December 2017) already past the 60 days the Malaysian Government promised to pay in the contract. 

I believe the Malaysian Government and the current leader of this country has run out of money or the country is bankrupt already. 

However some lots in Ampang Park are being paid in advance, there is no rhyme or reason on whose lots get paid and whose lots do not get paid.

I have called MRT Corp Sdn Bhd at tel : 03-20813000 and talked to Cik Zahirah, Encik Fuad, Encik Hafizi of procurement, Cik Zurini, Cik Zainab, basically all they did was pass me around and no one care whether I got paid or not.  

In fact they hinted I was not getting paid at all and that the Malaysian Government has totally run out of money.

I hope you can highlight my plight and my Lot 2.59 Ampang Park Shopping Center , Kuala Lumpur which has not been paid the compensation money and which was under valued to such an extent. 

Up to today no payment or compensation has been made for Lot 2.59 Ampang Park Shopping Center.

Please help me.

Please do feel free to highlight the fact that the Malaysian Government has run out of money, that they are acquiring properties at below market value and then that they are not paying for those properties.

Thank you.


My comments : I am also a business owner.  For decades we have suffered at the gomen’s tidak apa attitude and dont-know-what-the-hell-business-is-all-about ignorance. 

They have closed down entire streets to help illegal Indonesian traders set up road side stalls. Why do they do that? Corruption. The Indons pay off the enforcement guys. (The excuse given by the gomen is that they are helping the peniaga kecil bumiputra). Just lies.

Now the Ampang Park Shopping Mall shop owners are being bullied. 

First the compensation package is below market.

Secondly they are delaying payment of the promised package.

Kenapa lah korang ni setan sangat? 

Lepas itu boleh pi sembahyang lagi ke?

Al munafikeena wal munafikat.

Korang boleh faham bisnes ke?

Kalau tak niaga, depa akan rugi besar.

Siapa nak bayar hutang suppplier, hutang kat bank?

You all “slow learners” ini boleh faham ke apa maksud ‘supplier’? 

Atau maksud ‘bank’? 

This is serious lah. Real life. Real issues.

Please grow up.

After having lived my life and understanding a bit better how thing work, I want to say a big thank you to Ampang Park Mall. Since 1972 Ampang park Mall has been serving Malaysians faithfully and well. 

I believe the first KFC opened in Ampang Park.

I cant recall if there was also an ice skating rink there.

They have plenty of shops and restaurants.

Millions of Malaysians have shopped there, had lunch there, met their children, wives, husbands, friends there.

A Mall does not pop out of the ground by itself. People make it happen.

Since 1972 the shop owners and traders have kept the Mall going.

Thank you very much to all of them.

Now you just throw them out.

Kurang ajar betul.

Slow learners. Do not know what business is all about.

Do not understand what community, society and economy is all about.