A 22-YEAR-OLD lass is now the youngest trainee embalmer in Singapore, reported major Chinese dailies.

Nicole Chong Chui Han learnt the skill of embalming when she was 19 under the supervision of her sister-in-law, a certified embalmer.

She works at her elder brother’s funeral parlour and has handled over 500 bodies.

Chong said the toughest case she has ever handled was that of her colleague, a hearse driver who died of a heart attack.

She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her sister-in-law and study at New Zealand’s Wellington Institute of Technology to get a certificate in embalming.

> A 74-year-old woman from Buriram, Thailand was left with a broken arm and bruises all over her body as she fought off a young man who tried to rape her on Friday, reported China Press.

The man, believed to be intoxicated and high on drugs, ran off after a struggle.

However, neighbours who heard her screams rushed to help.

They caught the man and handed him over to the police.

> The daily also reported that a woman created quite a scene at a cemetery in Guangdong, China after she caught her husband paying homage to his ancestors with his mistress.

She repeatedly questioned the man and demanded that he declare before his dead ancestors who the other woman was.

She also told the man to divorce her if he wanted to be with his mistress.

The man kept silent.

The report also said that the man, who was a teacher, actually had an affair with one of his students. They have a young son.

The mistress, known only as Xu, said she realised it was a mistake.

“I will not leave my kid behind. Since this happened, I wish to know what she (the wife) wants me to do.”