China is expanding its hegemony over Malaysia through economic and military means, Bersatu supreme council member Kadir A Jasin said.

The veteran journalist said this in reference to the expansion of Chinese investment into Malaysia’s infrastructure projects and presence of China’s military vessels in Malaysian waters.

“China is now expanding its hegemony in stealthy fashion through military power and in an obvious manner through the economy, where Malaysia and Singapore are now treated like a district of China under the One Belt One Road (Obor) policy.

“Through its Obor project, it aggressively markets its rail technologies to Malaysia and Singapore, on top of providing financing of billions of ringgit to implement the rail projects.

“If before all roads lead to Rome, under Obor, all roads, especially railroads, end in Beijing,” Kadir said in a blog post today.

This came as Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad was lambasted by Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar for questioning investments by China in the Gelang Patah Forest City project.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak also condemned the opposition for questioning China investments, whereas investments from European countries were not frowned upon.

However, Kadir said, China’s economic expansion into Malaysia was unlike European investments as it came in a form of new imperialism.

He said Najib opened the doors to this when he agreed to purchase four combat littoral ships from China and awarded the RM55 billion East Coast Railway project to the superpower.

The total projects awarded to, and purchases and debts taken from China during Najib’s trip to Beijing last year was RM143.64 billion.

“The question now is, what other concessions and special treatments have been accorded to China by the Najib-Zahid BN leadership, which would not adversely impact our sovereignty and interracial harmony?

“Who are we defending our coasts from? From Filipino pirates and undocumented migrants from neighbouring countries?” he asked.

Kadir said the situation was more dire, considering Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim’s claim that a military-trained foreign fishing vessels encroached our waters.

Shahidan also confirmed a report that up to 150 foreign vessels protected by foreign coast guards have encroached into Malaysian waters, to the extent of colliding with Malaysian enforcement vessels.

“Without pointing fingers, we need to note that the country which is actively providing military training to its citizens is China – the same country with the most military personnel,” he said, noting the People’s Liberation Army has 2,285,000 members.
Singapore’s Berita Harian last March reported that up to 100 Chinese fishing vessels encroached Sarawak waters and remained there for five years.

“The Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea is encouraging fishermen from the country to fish in disputed territories and districts belonging to its neighbours.

“Are Najib and Zahid wiling to use the China-bought ships to act against China fishing vessels, like what Indonesia did?

“We must not collude with a superpower by encouraging its investments because this could mean pawning away our lands and sovereignty,” Kadir said.

– M’kni