It’s anyone’s guess, a big question. Will Malaysia qualify to be a fully developed nation by the year 2020? The Barisan Nasional’s (BN) initial “gung-ho” confidence has now wilted to a desperate bid to fast track certain projects to project the image in time for 2020 to a watching world that Malaysia should belong in the league of First World nations.

But will the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nation’s (UN) or World Bank and other approving and regulatory bodies permit a Third World Nation like Malaysia to join the elite advanced and developed nations of the world? Will these organizations really give the thumbs up to Malaysia?

Far from it. What is most likely to happen is that Malaysia is going to be ticked off for being renown human traffickers, having a poor human rights record, approving of racist, biased and prejudiced policies, oppression and bullying of the minority races (the Chinese and Indians) by the larger majority of Malay-Muslims and a long list of horrifying facts and figures that is enough to cause right-thinking people to break out in hives over the governance of this rogue nation.

The dreamers at BN

UMNO, and the BN component political parties such as MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and others are engaged in wishful thinking if they think this planet is going to recognize and respect Malaysia as a First World nation although certain infrastructure in this country is being put into place by the year 2020 to enhance the claim of the country to be a fully developed nation.

But the actual criteria for being a First World nation is not adhered to by Malaysia. Malaysia is a suspect democracy and UMNO even makes a bold claim that it is an Islamic state (and not a secular state) when no such mention is recorded in the Federal Constitution. What kind or version of democracy does Malaysia practice? Malaysia only practices a semblance of democracy.

This is why when the crunch factors and facts of the country are presented to approving bodies there is no way they will be able to endorse Malaysia’s application until there is a total overhaul and complete change in the governance of this country. There are so many cases of ill-treatment and oppression of citizens, travesties of justice, the lack of fair play and the absence of the practice of meritocracy that Malaysia is actually in no condition to become a fully developed nation.

Getting basics right

The BN government, if it hopes to remain in power and present a valid application to world-approving bodies to endorse Malaysia as a First World nation, must first get the basic structure, foundation and framework of Malaysia as a democracy right. Without the full tenets and obligations of democracy in place and being practiced in this country, there is no way Malaysia can be considered a fully developed nation.

There are so many doubts, so many queries and questions over the governance of this country that the international community views it as a backward state as far as civil liberties are concerned and the revolting proposal of practicing archaic and obsolete Dark Age Islamic laws like “hudud” makes Malaysia look more actually like a backwater state.

Given the fact that the thinking and living standards of the people are still considered largely uncivilized, compared to those countries that belong to the league of First World nations, the BN government lacks the credibility, and neither has it in any way earned the trust, respect and admiration of the international community as a moderate and progressive nation.

Changes necessary

Changes are long overdue in this country. If real changes are not forthcoming, if there is no political will and nerve to stamp out corruption, if drug addiction is not brought under control and if social ills are not addressed, it is very unlikely that Malaysia will qualify for fully developed status come year 2020. This is the scenario which is bleak for this nation as forecast by unbiased and impartial independent Malaysia watchers.

There is a litany of things to get done to put the house in order before the world can accord Malaysia the status of developed and advanced nation. There is so much that needs to be done and across the Causeway the island-republic of Singapore, which started on an equal footing, is the yardstick by which Malaysia has to measure up.

The Atlantic powers such as the United States and Great Britain were on the vein of being developed and advanced by virtue of centuries being focused on improving their countries, and this is why the achievement of Singapore is so remarkable, having done so in a matter of decades to the awful shame of Malaysia who have only themselves to blame by choosing to go the wrong way.