JOHOR BARU – A video clip purportedly showing a group of men in Stulang Laut fighting over a Vietnamese woman has gone viral over social media websites and mobile telecommunication apps.

However, despite the fact that at least one of the men in the video looks to have sustained some injury, no police report has been lodged regarding the fight, whether by those involved or the operator of the restaurant where it was believed to have taken place.

Johor Baru Selatan police chief Assistant Commissioner Shahurinain Jais called on those with information on the case to come forward to lodge reports.

“We have not received any report on the incident. We advise those involved and those who witnessed it, to come forward and lodge reports,” he said.

The video, which lasts for four minutes and 26 seconds, has been making the rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp messages.

In the video, a man wearing a gray shirt was shown being targeted by a group of other men. Another man, dressed in red, tried to stop this from happening but soon found himself being beaten up by the other group as well. (courtesy of NST reader)

It was said to have happened several days ago, when a group of friends began arguing about a Vietnamese woman, eventually leading to a full-blown fight.

When another man tried to step in to stop the fight, he too was beaten up. It was not clear, however, whether this man was part of the same group of “friends” or an outsider.

Checks by the New Straits Times Press at the restaurant where the incident was said to have taken place showed that it was operating as usual.

Attempts to interview the restaurant operator proved futile as workers there said he was not around. The workers, too, declined comment.

A female worker, believed to be a foreigner, just shook her head when asked if a fight had occurred there.

A trader at nearby premises, when asked for comment, said he saw an argument take place but did not want to get involved.

“We saw from afar what happened and it looked like an argument and that someone was getting beated up, but we didn’t want to involved. We don’t know what happened and who it was that was beaten up.”