Mothers are supposed to protect their offspring from any harm but recently, this 28-year-old mother from Thailand has been receiving heavy backlash after a video that she had taken on Friday, August 11 went viral. The video she filmed was of her hanging her 22-month-old baby up by the neck.

According to Oriental Daily, the woman did that because she was angry that her husband was not picking up her calls. In the video that’s over one-minute long, she can be seen making angry remarks at the camera, whereby the harsh scolding is directed towards her husband. She looks furious as she demands for him to come back and take care of their son as well.

Source: Facebook

The enraged mother then picks her son up from the bed and fastens a black rope around his neck while demanding him to answer her calls.

She proceeds to lift him up to shoulder height and suddenly dangles the choking boy in the air for about seven seconds before letting the poor boy go, by dumping him on the nearby mattress. What an outrageous treatment!


Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The hapless toddler is seen screaming and crying on the mattress as the mother faces the camera in his direction. She then tells her husband that their son is only alive because she allowed him to live. She threatens him by saying that if he still doesn’t pick up his son or answer the calls, she would kill the toddler as she was stressed out and going mad.

The boy’s grandmother saw the video and quickly asked for help as she feared for her grandson’s life. Bangkok Post reports that the authorities immediately rushed over to the woman’s home in Lat Krabang, Bangkok to rescue the child but luckily the boy was unharmed.


Source: Bangkok Post

It was reported that the boy was eventually taken away from his mother. After she had calmed down, the mother said in a press conference that she was regretful of her actions. She explained that she was driven to do so because she suspected her husband was having an affair and was thus, feeling depressed.