UMNO leader Jamal Yunus should check his own behaviour before criticising Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, said social media users.

The provocative Jamal’s statement against Dr Mahathir and his wife today triggered a flood of angry comments on social media.

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief had described Dr Mahathir and his wife’s act of returning the sultan of Selangor awards as a childish tantrum, telling them to “go back to Standard 1” to learn some respect.

Many users called out Jamal for being rude and disrespectful, saying that he should look in the mirror before speaking.

The irony was not lost on Twitter user festive tewwy (@_freakinster) who said, “Someone needs a long hard look in the mirror. The irony wow”.

On Facebook, Wan Seri Mayangsari Malek responded with laughter and jokingly suggested starting a crowdfunding page to buy Jamal a mirror.

“I don’t know why but I laugh hard…we should set a gofundme to buy a large mirror for him,” she wrote, adding two laughing emoticons.

Other users said that Jamal should take his own advice and go back to school to straighten out his thuggish behaviour.

“Ko tu yg kena gi sekolah balik. Dulu suruh belajar asik ponteng haa sekarang ni jadi samseng jalanan,” said Ainah Bahrom in the comments section on Facebook.

(You’re the one that needs to go back to school. Last time, always playing truant now nothing but a street thug.)

“Jamal needs to be taught some etiquette. If anybody needs to be schooled it’s Jamal himself,” wrote another Facebook user Harjit Puarr Bhullar.

On Twitter, ND (@Kabir_32) said, “Don’t disrespect an old man that gave you what you have right now. This shows that you should go back to school. It’s proven that you’re illiterate and ill-mannered, the way you speak proves that.”

Dr Mahathir was Malaysia’s longest serving prime minister, holding office from 1981 to 2003. He returned to politics last year and has been a vocal critic of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration and the 1MDB scandal.

He recently sparked controversy when he called Najib a descendent of “Bugis pirates” which earned him brickbats from the Bugis community in Malaysia and Singapore, and from Sultan of Selangor Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Some social media users feel that the government is tacitly supporting  Jamal by their silence and failure to check his behaviour.

Jamal has been remanded on a number of occasions, most recently for threatening to take a hammer to former minister Zaid Ibrahim’s head for disrespecting the Selangor ruler and burning cardboard cut-outs of the now-DAP member.

However, no charges have been brought against him.

“Obviously the government is behind him as nothing is being done about this psycho,” said Kingsley Robson on Facebook.

User Ella Ara questioned if this was the kind of leader Umno was proud of.

“Kurang ajar dan biadab Jamal ni… ini kah yg umno bangga bangga kan,” wrote Ella Ara.

(Jamal is rude and disrespectful. Is this what Umno is proud of?)

Formerly Known As Boyfriend From Hell™ (@The_Endie) on Twitter said that Jamal was a symptom of the BN-Umno government.

“Coming from the most rude, brutish and crude Jamal Jamban. That’s why kerajaan umno can never solve the country’s problems. They have no mirrors for self reflection and self improvement.”