An Amanah MP has refuted claims that the opposition is anti-China, just because it questions that nation’s investments in Malaysia, and how negotiations with the world superpower are conducted.

The matter, argued Kuala Terengganu MP Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad, has been intentionally obfuscated by those who want to smear the opposition.

“We are not anti-China, but we are against economic monopoly by any country and the high reliance of Malaysia to the country in question,” Raja Bahrin said in a statement today.

In replying to the ruling party’s allegation that the opposition was spreading anti-China sentiment, he said those in power were making use of China’s wealth to help them cling to power, even if it meant selling out Malaysia’s interests.

“Umno and BN are flirting with China because of its wealth, using China to benefit their quest to stay in power after the next general election, even if it puts our sovereignty at risk. We need to understand that this is their motivation,” he claimed.

Even now, argued Raja Bahrin, the government continued to remain quiet on China’s infractions of international territorial laws to Malaysia’s detriment.

He noted that despite reported incursions by China’s coast guard and fishing vessels into economic zones claimed by Malaysia, not a word was spoken of this by the government in Parliament.

The government had issued diplomatic notices to China over the matter in the past, and authorities have said that they would step up patrols in areas with reported incursions, such as the Luconia Shoals.

Furthermore, Raja Bahrin said, Malaysia even did not agree to support the decision by The Hague Tribunal that sanctioned China for its incursion into waters claimed by the Philippines, despite other Asean nations eagerly doing so.

China may influence GE14

Moreover, he pointed out, billions of ringgit are being poured into various infrastructure projects in the country by China. Raja Bahrin expressed conern that this might make it difficult for the government to utter anything that would upset China.

China’s influence over the government, he said, was the same as the concerns of Americans over president-elect Donald Trump and his apparent close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“What became a concern to the Americans is the political and commercial influence that the Russians may have on Trump, based on their existing relationship.

“That too is our concern as Malaysians. Same as in the US where Russian influence is said to have influenced Trump’s win, we fear that the investments, contracts and money from China may influence GE14 to benefit Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the BN,” he said.Raja Bahrin reiterated that the opposition is not anti-China, but fears the over-reliance that Malaysia currently seems to have on the Middle Kingdom, and its possible negative impact on Malaysia’s sovereignty and right to choose its own leadership, without external pressures.

Over the last few months, Malaysia has been inundated with Chinese investments in various infrastructure projects as well as in the purchase of assets disposed by troubled sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

The opposition has expressed concern that the government may be forced to toe China’s line, indebted as it is to the superpower.