• Zahid Hamidi : Putrajaya will send Zakir Naik back if request from India
  • If Indian govt makes request we will return him.
  • So far, there is no such request,” he said
  • M’sian govt acknowledged Naik granted PR status.
  • India accused Naik of funding terrorism filed charges against him in court
  • charged under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act inciting youths to join ISIS

My comments : First of all here is my advice to Zakir Naik (in Hindi).  
Someone should show this to him in his apartment in Putrajaya.

भाई बेहतर देखने के लिए
वे आपके बैकसाइड खेलेंगे

Secondly I must thank Zahid Hamidi again for the second time in one week.  He has given assurances that if the Indian Government makes a request for Mutual Legal Assistance and requests that Zakir Naik be returned to India then Zahid Hamidi says Zakir  will be sent back to India.  

Thank you Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi.  
You are showing better leadership qualities. 
Even better than Kepala Bapak  Awak  (actually Kepala  B_t_h  Bapak Awak).  Zahid was the first on the scene in Penang after the recent storm havoc. 
Now he has made a firmer statement about expelling Zakir Naik. 
Syabas and terima kasih Dato Seri.

Now it remains for the Indian government to request for the MLA to extradite Zakir Naik.

Ok now lets ask some questions.  Why did Malaysia  issue Zakir Naik a PR when he already has a PR in Saudi Arabia?  Why not just ask him to go back to Saudi Arabia? 

Zakir Naik must be quite shocked and dismayed to read Zahid Hamidi’s answer in Parliament. Zahid Hamidi is basically saying that Zakir Naik is expendable. If Zakir is too much trouble, then they will just get rid of him.

Zakir Naik has absolutely no value to the Dumbno morons other than to help get the Malay vote.  They purposely made the Zakir Naik matter a Muslim – non Muslim issue.

All the “pro ISIS” Muslims wanted the gomen to give protection to Zakir Naik and allow him to remain in Malaysia where he could also continue to make his attacks against the christians (his specialty), against the hindus and other non Muslims. They were happy to see Zakir Naik deliver his dakwah.

The gomen (which is in danger of losing the next elections) saw Zakir Naik as a potential Malay Muslim vote puller.

It appears now that the situation has changed.  There are 2 million++ Indians in Malaysia, the majority of whom are Hindus.

The Zakir Naik question was raised in Parliament by two Indian MPs Gobind Singh and M Kulasegaran both of the DAP.  

Gobind and Kulasegaran have now latched on to this topic because Mr M Waythamoorthy and the Hindraaf have earlier on made very aggressive statements against the presence of Zakir Naik in Malaysia. Waythamoorthy has also initiated legal proceedings against the Minister of Home Affairs challenging the basis for the Home Minister allowing terrorist mentor Zakir Naik into Malaysia in the first place.

Mr Waythamoorthy and the Hindraaf have developed a solid grip on the support of the rural Indian voters – in the towns, villages and the estates.  The rural Indian voters are set to play a key role in 38 BN held Parliamentary constituencies where the number of Indian voters exceeds    the winning majorities in those seats. 

A stark example is Zahid Hamidi himself who won in Bagan Datoh by a slim majority. The number of Hindu Indian voters in Bagan Datoh is about four times his winning majority (2000+ votes).

The rural Indian voters are now strong supporters of Hindraaf. 

Why should Dumbno take such a huge risk of completely losing rural Indian support in 38 Parliamentary seats? Zakir Naik is not even worth half a seat. 

The other biggger danger is jeopardising  Malaysia – India relations which have functioned very well for 60 years. Why put Malaysia’s relations with India at risk over a terrorist mentor psycho preacher?

India is the largest buyer of Malaysian palm oil.  

India is now ruled by the Bharata Janata Party or BJP which is a Hindu nationalist party.  There is always the danger of mob protests against Malaysia in the Indian capital.

These are real issues.  Therefore Zakir Naik is quite expendable.

Hence Zahid Hamidi’s announcement that if India makes a request, then he will have Zakir Naik sent back to India.  

That sounds like a clever thing to do.

As for Zakir Naik, bhiyya let me repeat my advise to you :

भाई बेहतर देखने के लिए
वे आपके बैकसाइड खेलेंगे

Dont say I did not warn you.  

Just go back to Saudi Arabia.

And never come back.