The US mainstream media in particular the Trump hating New York Times and Washington Post have sniffed out MO1’s meeting with Trump on September 12th  (the 9-12 Event).

Here is the NYT  :

WASHINGTON — Trump has invited Najib to visit White House in September

despite Najib’s involvement in a billion-dollar corruption scandal.

visit intended to “strengthen and broaden our bilateral relationship and expand regional cooperation with one of America’s closest partners in Southeast Asia.”

invitation significant boost to Najib’s international standing

likely put to rest rumors in Malaysia that he would be arrested on American soil.
July, DoJ filed civil complaint in money-laundering case outlining how Najib, identified as MO1 received US$731m from a government fund he oversaw.
Investigators around the world tracking money trail to his bank accounts in billion-dollar scandal.

Critics say Trump places corruption behind other issues.

Najib another visitor to Trump with history of suppressing free speech and intimidating the political opposition, said Robert G. Berschinski of the advocacy group Human Rights First.

invitation is “just another sign that this White House pays only lip service — to the idea that promoting human rights or fighting corruption rebounds to the benefit of the United States,” he said.

the Southeast Asian leader is a nationalist with authoritarian tendencies.
doesn’t mean rolling out the red carpet for him is a good idea.Najib in major investigations that involve the U.S. Justice Department.
fired top law enforcement officials to try to influence investigations.
play politically toward rural, ethnic base and use nationalist rhetoricstir up anger against urban, ethnic opposition.
won election despite losing popular vote.Najib’s authoritarian power worse than anything Trump has done.
in Malaysia critics of government are routinely imprisoned.
Najib uses criminal law to silence them.
in Malaysia all checks and balances on executive power essentially stamped out.Trump wishes he had the tools that Najib has at his disposal
Trump would enjoy to shut down any newspaper he doesn’t like.”

Najib stand for election sometime next few months
this White House visit is so important to him.

pilfered billions from his own country’s sovereign wealth fund
he craves international legitimacy.

Justice Department works to seize >US$1b in stolen funds
Najib, stepson and friends have stashed in United States
his visit to Washington to show scandal not harming his world standing.

White House visit clear signal (Trump) won’t push back against rollback of democracy, rule of law and human rights there.

Read this part carefully folks :

in America’s interest to partner with Malaysia on counterterrorism, build security ties to respond to an increasingly aggressive China, and deepen bilateral trade and investment. But those are arguments for dealing with Malaysia, not for working with Najib himself.
There’s no reason his opposition wouldn’t be interested in fighting terrorism and increasing security cooperation with the United States. For now, that opposition is on the defensive, but it very well could take power in the coming years.
message White House sending is that it pays to be a kleptocrat
largest asset seizure in history doesn’t seem to matter much

little confidence Najib will face justice at home.
Perhaps only chance for accountability if US and others keep up pressure.

In Malaysia, Najib is beyond legal reproach
need to ensure culture of impunity doesn’t permeate throughout the world

smart policy (for US) to acknowledge the grievances now
because after the next turn of the screw it may be too late to convince Malaysians that Washington is an honest broker.

In the long term, Malaysia’s value as a reliable and stable ally depends on it being an open society that abides by international law and norms and tolerates dissent. Trump’s hosting of Najib represents a setback for that objective.

My comments :  Ok folks that was the NYT and the Washington Post. The Post is more scathing.

The Washington Post makes a relevant point:

in America’s interest to partner with Malaysia on counterterrorism, build security ties to respond to an increasingly aggressive China, and deepen bilateral trade and investment. But those are arguments for dealing with Malaysia, not for working with Najib himself.

The US needs Malaysia. But they do not need MO1.

Yesterday I was talking to one of The Elders. The feeling is that Trump has called MO1 into the White House (US250,000 does not even buy a Tweet from Trump – it was wasted money) to tell MO1 to pack up and leave.

Malaysia and Malaya has been a really very close ally with the US for more than 60 years.   During WW2 the American OSS had a permanent presence in our jungles (besides the British Force 136).  Malaya’s counter insurgency successes against the communists werethe envy of US military planners during their misadventurism in Vietnam.

Malaysia has consistently bought US weapons like the Sabre jets (Tebuan), the Skyhawkand the FA 18.

Plus the US Embassy here in KL has more staff, CIA agents, FBI agents and Homeland Security agents than they had in Saigon during the Vietnam War.  The US Embassy in KL has the largest number of staff  in this region.  So Malaysia is an important country for the Americans.

Plus another really huge chunk of oil and gas deposits have been discovered off Sabah.

Plus China is now muscling into the South China Sea and also directly into Malaysia.
Plus Russia is now also an emerging player in this region.

So the US needs Malaysia.  They certainly do not need an idiot who is going to jeopardise the ‘strategic interests of the United States’ just because he cannot control a horribly fugly ‘menate entah-ape’.

So Trump will tell MO1 to pack up, say his good byes and leave.

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn will take over as our next  PM and go into the General Elections.  In such event the elections may be held next year.  They will need time for some ‘housekeeping’.

The feeling is Trump will cut a deal with MO1.
The stolen money will all be confiscated.  All of it.
Kuey Teow seller will be locked up for a long time.
Movie maker boy will also do time. Maybe less.
MO1’s fate is also very precarious.

If MO1 does not agree, then Trump will let the DoJ do what they have to do.

So will we have a new PM by say September the  . . . .    or  October the ….  ?

Lets wait and see.
As the stomach churns.