Despite my appeal for people

I still received these sorts of comments,

BN Khaled & his macais are enjoying while it last as GE14 will be a total annihilation for BN and annie too should be enjoying before BN doomsday come wink wink wink

Yes, it’s annoying, okay.

I picked that one up from my last post because despite being annoying, it’s short and doesn’t sounds not very intelligent as compared to the long winded ones.

Since this type of comments mostly came from the Pakatan people who visited this blog, it does makes me wonder whether they could be any better than the BN people in handling freedom of speech and expression.

Many of them appeared unable to handle criticisms even from people who also criticise  their BN opponents.

It’s again that matter of either you are with us or against us mentality.

Couldn’t they handle those who decided not to choose their side nor that of their opponents?

For these people, their side is beyond criticism.

I think they need to look in the mirror once in a while so that they can see whatever not so nice and correct those defects.

On top of that, they need to be cool about it.

You see, I did allow these sorts of anti-BN comments through even though I’m not sure whether what were written are true,

Hi Annie,

BN has already commenced their clandestine and covert ways and means to cajole the innocent public to support them in the next polls.
My friend’s daughter secured a place to pursue her tertiary education in one of our public university just a month ago.

As in the case of many middle income group, her parents applied for PTPTN and were successful in the application.

Guess what happened next….in her Surat Tawaran Wang Pendahuluan Pembiyaan (RM1500) she was directed to go to the MP’s office to collect the cash.And the MP belongs to BN.

During the collection activity, her parents were told to vote for the MP in the forthcoming elections.They were also cautioned of the repercussions if they voted otherwise.
The shameless MP even had the cheek to pose for a selfie with the applicant.

In 2009, my two children were granted PTPTN for their further studies in local varsities and we were directed to open a SSPN savings account in CIMB to facilitate the funding.There was no involvement of MP’s or any slimy politician.

How low can this stupid BN stoop ? Why such desperation ?

Why must an MP get involved in the disbursement of a loan that is entirely the responsibility of the student in as far as repayment is concerned ?

Bodoh Piang bin Bangang !!!!!

Rasta Rules

I even agreed on the part about the need for wakil rakyat to be sincere in their work.

But then again, I feel that we need to be fair.

There are actually BN MPs who are sincere in representing and helping the rakyat.

In fact the good ones may even outnumbered the bad ones.

I have met some of them and was impressed by their work.

The same goes with the opposition MPs. Some are good, others are bad.

Whatever it is, that’s for their constituents to decide actually.

Come election day we should know whether they are good or bad.

Unless of course if they move to contest in another constituency where the people there do not really know them la.

Some are like that, they didn’t stay in one place as they knew if they do that people in that constituency would not vote for them again because of their lousy service as wakil rakyat there.

Okay, I know, the Pakatan readers (especially the commentators) of this blog may want me to give an example of a good BN MP.

Watch this short video, okay;

Those in the video are real people in need and as according to them, they did get help from their MP who is a BN guy.

Bear in mind that the urban constituency of Titiwangsa was wrested back from Pakatan by BN in 2013 despite the Chinese tsunami….or urban tsunami, whichever you wished to call it.

How did that happen?

I think it’s because Jo Ghani worked his ass off on the ground like in that video long before the last general election.

I know, his majority is not much but considering the circumstances at that time, it was still a good achievement.

After all, as I wrote previously, nothing beat real work on the ground like that, no matter whether the wakil rakyat is a BN or Pakatan guy.