Folks, recall I have been saying more than once that PKR will team up with UMNO and PAS? Well do read more about it here.

Before that, the news from the retards has been too retarded the past few weeks. The Washington DC stunt has totally backfired on their faces.  

Have you read that Media Statement by the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) or that complaint by the Chief Minister of Sarawak over the Moron’s offer to help grow the American economy?

I believe there is more than one mole inside their organisation working towards sabotaging them from the inside. Because you must be beyond retard stupid to make a statement like that to the Americans. 

Plus it was not even an official visit. No guard of honor, they had to pay for the entire visit and there was not even a proper White House photo shot. For example like these here  :

There is talk that lately the Media Team inside the Moron’s outfit has been facing some serious internal bickering. The Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar fellow who is in charge of feeding (literally) their prepaid bloggers has not been giving them any instructions for about a month. Gone quiet. 

Yesterday’s ‘Special Announcement at 4:45 PM” fiasco was possibly more internal sabotage from within moron’s organisation. There must be a serious mole undermining moron’s every move.  Looking at so many negative comments in the Media,  it is obvious the “Special Announcement”  fiasco has backfired on moron.

Anyway, despite the fiasco,  there is more to Dato Seri Panglima Petik Mempelam rising from the dead than meets the eye.  

First here is a neat montage  :
I recall in 2013 when Mat Taib joined PAS the talk was to not criticise Mat Taib as he was “Umno’s man inside PAS”.   So none of the prepaids criticised Mat Taib.

A lot of shit has been flushed down their throats since then. And true enough, since Mat Taib joined PAS,  Hadi has been “acquired” as an UMNO lackey.  Mat Taib’s “I cannot speak English” method has been very successful in making Hadi  appreciate Tuanku Abdul Rahman. 

 Then  Mat Taib joined PKR in September 2015. Now Mat Taib has jumped to UMNO. The talk is Mat Taib has been preparing the way for PKR to either team up or join UMNO.  Just like he paved the way for Hadi to suck up the scum. 

Here is something which I believe is from the Malaysian Insight (but I dont have the link) :

IT was meant to be more than just Mat Taib re-joining Umno y’day. 
He was supposed to bring along 8 state govt lawmakers 

and cause the collapse of Azmin Ali administration.

intervention of powerful stakeholders in Selangor

end result : Najib only had Mat Taib to show at 5pm 

much-hyped press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Sources told Malaysian Insight nego for Mat Taib defection and 8 others

handled by intermediaries and not Najib himself.

Najib informed it was a go but only Mat was there source told Malaysian Insight

deal fizzled out because it was blocked at highest levels 

when found out Mat was part of deal source told Malaysian Insight.

led to flat announcement y’day that Mat re-joining Umno

presence of entire Supreme Council 
sparked rumours of state govt change 

Mat’s defection would be 8 PKR assemblymen, 12 Umno, 13 PAS 

together with Khalid Ibrahim to form 34 lawmakers 

enough to form state govt in 56-seat legislature.

So that is why the moron called CNN, Al Jazeera, TV 3/4 and all.  
He thought the Selangor State government would fall. 
It did not happen. 
Another fiasco.

So this is what Mat Taib has been doing over the past two years inside PKR.  
He has been busy negotiating.  
Using the same extremely  effective “I cannot speak English” method.

Folks, I believe negotiations are still going on to win the PKR bigwigs over to  PAS and UMNO.  This chapter is not over yet. 
  • I also hear that they have ‘penetrated’ another big wig over the big water. 
  • But talks have stalled.  
  • The money is not an issue. 
  • They want to negotiate positions (jawatan). 
  • That is where it gets tricky.  
  • But it is not over yet. 
The crossing over of Mat Taib from PKR to UMNO is proof enough that after PAS, they are targetting PKR.  Who knows, if those eight other PKR assemblymen had also decided to cross over yesterday, they may have declared today another public holiday.

And lets not forget those eight PKR assemblymen are still there. 
What went wrong? 
Tak cukup dedak?

Someone was saying that nothing happens inside PKR without the knowledge of the Crown Prince of Bamboo River.  

For example, it is quite impossible that the Crown Prince did not know about Mat Taib’s defection plans.   Takkan he found out about it just at 4:45 PM yesterday.

Or that 8 of his boys have (obviously) already been negotiating with UMNO.

Is it all then part of a bigger plan that has already been hatched?

Ultimately an UMNO – PAS – PKR alliance? 

Folks, it is not over till the fat lady sinks.