There has been a lot of noises concerning Felda’s land at Jalan Semarak.

Media Prima’s pro-establishment Berita Harian broke the story a week ago,

Pindah milik tanah FELDA Jalan Semarak dicurigai 

Then TS Shahrir Samad, the current Felda chairman made his usual noises,

Felda will do whatever it takes to get back Jln Semarak land,

All fingers pointed at former Felda chairman TS Isa Samad, who said,

Isa Samad ready to cooperate over Felda land issue 

The opposition parties, of course as usual say this is the government’s fault. They want it fried at the coming general election.

So, what the hell really happened?

This is what I was told about the whole nonsense:

– The land deal started in 2014. Felda wanted to develop the land but it had no money for it, thus the deal.

–  The deal is that the company taking over the land build a building on it for Felda. That’s the tower they were talking about lah. Felda lost its ownership of the land, but it got that building there while the company takes whatever other profits coming out of it.

The deal was done legitimately. Yup, through the BOD and everything.

– Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there’s nothing wrong with the deal. That’s the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had check on it much before BH broke the story.

– The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

– These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

– Shahrir responded to it because…..well, Shahrir is Shahrir…..he simply has to say something.

– All in all, this is just another palace intrigue. A struggle for power and profits between one gang of eunuchs against another gang of eunuchs. Something like that.

Well, at least that’s what I understand about the nonsense.

See, I tried to explain it as simple as I could.

If I’m Najib, I would have thrown the whole bunch of them out. The scheming bastards couldn’t care less that the general election is to be held just within months from now.

Anyway, should the Felda settlers be worried that the issue may cause hardship to them?

I would say NOT REALLY. They will not directly or immediately be affected by the issue.

In my opinion, they should not jump to conclusions and instead wait for the full investigation to be completed.

Sabar ya.

Even if they want to get emotional, it’s better if they could understand what it’s all about first.

Anyway, even if the deal goes on after the promised investigation has been concluded, Felda may actually reap from the “investment” of giving the land away. They got a tower and what ever else which goes with it. It was said that the whole thing may rival even KLCC.

The KLVC being built on the land at Jalan Semarak

One more thing, I was told that the company which now holds the land title had requested to meet a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department weeks before the story was let out by BH.

The company had wanted to work with the government in mitigating the impact of such a story because they sensed that it could be quite damaging for both itself and the government.  The company probably had been tipped at that time about the move to make the deal looks totally bad in the media.

Unfortunately, the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department refused to see the representatives of the company.

Stupid guy.

Now only he made some noises.

Well, too bad then.

Eh, enough lah.

I need to take a nap now.