A woman was allegedly bleeding profusely from a haemorrhoid vein rupture and her husband rushed her to a government hospital. There, instead of attending to her, the staff made her wait for two hours with blood dripping, as the pictures show.

According to the Facebook post of her husband Boon Chiam, when he insisted that the doctor at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru, attend to his wife, the female doctor allegedly said that it is good enough she had allowed them to come in and that she would not be attending to the wife just then because she would not be dying from all that bleeding. Oh, and the fact that the very doctor had not slept all night.

So, if the case is true, is this what we have come to – a doctor does not have enough sleep, and the lack of sleep has cut off her manners and made her forget her Hippocratic Oath? And what about the rest of the staff, for even a non-medical staff could at least attend to her first, or is there a standard operating procedure (SOP) which says if the person is bleeding, let them be until a doctor touches the patient?

This is most unbecoming of not only the doctor, but also the government hospital.

The hospital had been ‘sick’ from day one, with being infected with fungal in 2004 and closed down to be reopened only two years later. Then a year later, it was found to have structural defects.

That is however the case of the building, but one would not expect the staff to be ‘sick’ too.

Taxpayers do not have to put up with the attitude of such doctors. The Ministry of Health must conduct an investigation as soon as possible on the said incident and ensure that it never happens again, not only in this hospital but in any other government clinic or hospital.

Who knows how many other cases have been turned away by the very same doctor or the hospital itself? And at 3am, where else can people turn to for emergencies, if not government hospitals?

Even if the doctor is overworked or there are just too many patients, it is incumbent on doctors to at least have some humanity. On top of it all, the responsibility is completely on the Ministry of Health to ensure that Malaysians are not getting a shady deal in public healthcare.

The woman’s picture as she stood bleeding in Hospital Sultan Ismail, waiting for medical attention, as posted on her husband’s FB. –