The past few days had been hectic as my family prepares for the new year celebrations.

It’s the usual cleaning and decorating of the house as well as cooking of these and those.

I have not been reading much because of all that, but did note the bit about MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai  saying that BN will break up if Umno supports Pas in the Syaria Amendment Bill issue, also known as RUU355.

I can understand Liow’s and MCA’s sentiment on the matter.

They may as well close shop if they can’t say no to RUU355.

The Chinese will simply laugh at them.

It just confirmed what DAP said all along about MCA being just an Umno’s lackey with no backbone of their own.

The same goes with the other non-Malay, non-bumiputera, non-Muslim component parties of the ruling coalition.

Well, actually DAP was not totally wrong, because there are those in Umno who actually advocate the idea that it’s Umno’s way or no way in BN.

These Umno people feel that they are the kings on the top of the hill and therefore others in the coalition must agree with everything that they want.

Even if they, via Umno, want the actual hudud, they expect MCA, Gerakan and the others to go along with it.

If you disagree with that, like what Liow did on this RUU355 issue, you would kena whacked.

That’s why RPK asked this question the other day,

Is Liow DAP’s Trojan Horse?


So, MCA threatens that if RUU355 is passed this may break up Barisan Nasional. Good! Then let Barisan Nasional be an Umno-Malay-led coalition while Pakatan Harapan can become a DAP-MCA-Chinese led coalition. Then at least the political divide would be much clearer and there will no longer be any confusion as to whether MCA is with the government or MCA is a DAP Trojan Horse.
Well, I actually think that if that’s the real thinking in Umno, then BN will indeed cease to exist.
What the opposition parties (including Pas) have been working on for decades will finally be achieved – the destruction of BN which moderate multi-racial approach enabled it to rule the country since Merdeka.
And the most silly thing about it was that, there are those Umno people who think that it’s then going to be a Malays versus Chinese fight in the next general election where the Malays will prevail because of their larger number.
It’s silly because that will not happen.
What will happen is that the opposition will seize the opportunity to turn itself into a multi-racial coalition like BN used to be. They have Malay Muslims dominating PKR, Amanah and Pribumi Bersatu.
Umno, after getting rid of MCA and the other supposedly “trojan horses”, will be with Pas (which since its inception aims to destroy Umno) and the bumiputera parties in Sabah and Sarawak.
Bear in mind that the Pas grassroots have always been opposed to the idea of teaming up with Umno. I even believe that they hate Umno more than they hate DAP.
And those Sabah and Sarawak bumiputera parties were never comfortable with using race and religion as political tools, as such tactics don’t even work over there.
They may even pull out of BN too if Umno insists on going along with Pas on the RUU355 issue.
I was told that even Sabah Umno feels the same discomfort over the matter.
Contrary to what those RUU355 supporters in Umno think, many Malay Muslims, including those in Umno itself are not with them.
The majority of Malay Muslims are not racial or religious bigots and want to continue living in a peaceful and moderate multi-racial Malaysia.
Umno may ends up going into the next general election holding just its own balls if it proceeds with supporting the Pas’ RUU355 agenda.
However, I do believe that PM and Umno president DS Najib Razak and his better lieutenants can see this danger.
They will not let BN to self-destruct over the matter.
I was told that Najib had several times shot down the idea to allow Umno leaders and members to officially attend a Pas-planned RUU355 gathering next month. Maybe it’s true. Najib can’t be that stupid to let BN be destroyed like that.
If you all bother to read this Najib’s CNY message today, he doesn’t seems to want to throw the Chinese into the sea like what some Umno supporters of RUU355 threatened,
excerpts :
We believe the Chinese want a better and prosperous Malaysia for all our children. We can achieve this if we are strong and united as a nation, focus our efforts and energy for the well-being of the nation while we continue to sort out our differences and challenges. Together, we can surely achieve greater heights for a Malaysia that is more successful, advanced and harmonious.
Furthermore, I think you all should try read this previous posting of mine which more or less explains why Umno will not abandon its Chinese allies and set up a new exclusive Malay Muslims gang :
Well, in conjunction with the CNY celebrations, I would like to also recommend Umno leaders and members to read this article (please just click on the link, okay) :
Okay, that’s about it.
I want to go hang out with my cousins now. They just arrived from Singapore.
To all Chinese and those who celebrate the occasion,
I like this CNY video by TNB.
It’s fun and reminds me of my mom and her sisters. My mom is the one who can’t cook….hehehehe

Cheers everyone 🙂