Feeling a bit better this morning, did bits of work and now writing this.

Just a short one to keep this blog alive.

I was totally cut off for the past week, so I have to rely on other blogs as source for this one.

Saw this post by Big Dog,

Dedak Tak Serupa Bikin?

It’s about Pribumi Bersatu preparing to distribute essential items to the public in conjunction with Ramadhan and the coming Raya.

Based on the pictures, it’s a lot.

Must have costs the party quite a huge sum of money.

I wonder how Pribumi Bersatu managed to get the financing for the initiative.

Well, never mind.

Whatever it is, the effort will be good for the needy as it takes a bit of load off their shoulders for the coming Raya.

A sack of rice and few days supply of other essential food items mean a lot for poor people.

I think I understand a bit about poor people. One day I will tell you the story of my father who is from a poor family.

Okay, about it being a counter dedak from the Dr Mahathir’s party, I think that’s besides the point.

Poor people don’t care about all that.

They will just be happy and grateful that there are people who care about them.

I think you all know what that means – more votes for Pribumi Bersatu.

Yeah, it’s just a token handout compared to what the BN government is doing for the rakyat, but giving out rice and essential food items feels real for the needy who receive it.

Dedak or not, really doesn’t matter to them.

It’s even better than BR1M, because BR1M is a government’s initiative. The poor expect the government to assist them, so the impact of BR1M is lesser.

“Hey, it’s the duty of the government to help us. We don’t owe the government anything for BR1M,” some of them would say.

So, what can BN do to counter this Pribumi Bersatu initiative?

Just bitching about it wouldn’t help, okay.

Well, BN should also embark on similar effort.

Outdo what Dr Mahathir’s people are doing.

Buy lots more rice and essential items and distribute it before Raya.

I’m sure Umno, MCA and the others can do it.

It would be money well spent.

Better than paying tones of money to useless media barons and cybertroopers who don’t really know what they are doing.

Whatever it is, they need to hurry because Raya will be here soon.

As I said, dedak or not doesn’t really matter at this point.

It’s a battle of who can give more and be appreciated in return of votes, okay.

Anyway, the sure winners will be the poor and needy.

They can get lots of stuff, courtesy of both sides of the political divide and enjoy Raya better.

What’s wrong with that, right?

Yes, dedak or not, I don’t think we are in the position to tell the poor to be idealistic with an empty stomoch.

Okay, I need to rest now. It’s starting to hurt again.

I leave you all with this nice song.