Voters are ready to put Harapan in Putrajaya but opposition leaders are not.

Only unity will take Harapan to Putrajaya, says Siti Mariah

David Dass: Greater effort should be made in agreeing to a common manifesto. Forging a united opposition is not going to work if component parties do not agree on a common vision for the future.

If leaders believe that they can cobble together disparate parties with conflicting objectives to an electoral victory, they are mistaken.

Forget race-based parties. Forget an Islamic state. Be bold enough to assert and defend our democracy. Commit yourselves to strengthening our democratic institutions.

The opposition leaders know better than anyone else the importance of our freedoms, rule of law, the independence of our judiciary and the integrity and professionalism of our civil service and police.

Do not try to simply replicate the old forms of government. The races are polarised. The voices of the extremists are loud. There must be deep soul-searching. Even by the old ones in opposition.

We move forward – together. Or we fall apart.

Anonymous_af85ea73: Pakatan Harapan Wanita deputy chief Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud is right.

If you want to be opposition with no interest to go to Putrajaya, like PAS, then you have no business to even contest the general election, and if you have a personal agenda and serving only your own interests, then you don’t deserve our votes.

Anonymous_1371488694: The biggest enemy of Pakatan Harapan is Harapan itself. They need to get their act together, fast.

This is the best time for them to beat BN, especially given that its current leadership is at its lowest ebb.

Yet it does feel that Harapan is riding high as it is constantly squabbling amongst themselves and their personal ego is bigger than the nation’s need for change,

They need to put their ego on the backseat and work for the people’s aspirations rather than their own.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Yes, very well-articulated by Siti Mariah. The prime directive must be the good of the many over the needs of one. There is no room for ego or personal ambition and the focus must be on the big picture.

Harapan has everything going for it so far. Do not stumble at the last minute because the course of a nation will be determined by how well you play this game.

Sleepy: I speak for myself – based on media reports and comments, the voters are ready to put Harapan in Putrajaya but opposition leaders are not.

Harakah article: Dr M may return to Umno before GE14

Quigonbond: It is a possible though unlikely scenario (that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad may rejoin Umno before GE14).

But PAS likes to think it is Harapan that needs to do the explaining. Just like PAS betraying Pakatan Rakyat, there is really no explanation required, just disappointment, maybe even anger, but most importantly, the will to march on despite the odds.

A majority of the electorate already knows how messed up our democracy is. Mahathir rejoining Umno will only create sympathy for the opposition. In any event, PM Najib Razak won’t step down so this is moot.

Victor Johan: PAS claims it’s a political party that holds true to Islamic teachings. This article is published in the PAS organ Harakah and is penned by someone who chose to use a pseudonym – Alang Ibn Shukrimun.

In the article, this pseudonym states that ‘he’ writes as if ‘he’ is “thinking like Mahathir”. However, the content of the article is all speculative, and mostly ridiculous and it shows the desperation Najib is in, and his pal and beneficiary, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, attempts lamely to assist him.

Vijay47: Alang Ibn Shukrimun? Now even Malay names have gone fully Arabic. I suppose desperate men, Arab or not, will try anything to sow discord among the enemy, hence his “Mahathir will return to Umno”.

Alang, from which chapter of Sun Tzu’s military manual have you copied this from? More likely, from a schoolboy’s bag of tricks.

Anonymous 7433800654341: I think the possibility is higher for Hadi to join Umno before the GE14 instead of Dr M. Why? Because it is very likely that PAS will be totally defeated in all states and certainly Hadi does not want to be known as the leader who lead PAS to a disaster.

PAS certainly does not stand a chance against Harapan, knowing very well that many of their state assemblypersons and parliamentarians were voted in through non-Muslim votes. Even Umno is not giving way to PAS as can be seen by the recent meeting held by the Kelantan Umno.

There is no reason why Umno candidates would give way to PAS candidates in GE14. So, my take is that PAS will be totally wiped out and Hadi is likely to join Umno before the GE14. I like to imagine that I am thinking like Hadi (berfikir gaya Hadi).

Pemerhati Bebas: If we were to consider Mahathir returning to Umno, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that some from Umno will abandon the party and join Amanah.

Knowing that the Umno ship is now leaking water and knowing that the top dog is positioning his cousin to take over, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi may join Amanah and together with Bersatu’s Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahathir will make Amanah a more formidable force.

Zahid is a survivor and if he saw no future with Umno, switching side offers him continuation of his political career.

As Alang himself said, “Don’t be hasty in labelling this as nonsense. Everything makes sense in politics. What is important is not to be naïve.”

SusahKes: Maybe so. We are acutely aware of that, so tell us something we don’t know. But the greatest twist in the last five years or so, was when Hadi’s PAS betrayed Pakatan to work with its erstwhile enemy – Umno.

In other words, it would appear that PAS is the one that is working alongside Umno to help retain its hegemony.

Retnam: Alang’s story sounded plausible, until he came to the part on “MCA is recovering…”

– M’kini