A man has lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) alleging abuse of power by personnel in Bank Negara Malaysia.

According to the man, the MACC has since reviewed his documents of evidence and referred the matter to Bank Negara, ostensibly for further investigation.

Malaysiakini, which has received copies of the documents, has contacted the man, who confirmed lodging the MACC report.

The man, who requested anonymity, claimed at least one Bank Negara officer is obfuscating the progress of a complaint he lodged with the central bank in January this year.

He explained that he had initially lodged two complaints with Bank Negara on Jan 31 over his dealings with two separate banks.

Though one of his complaints was quickly resolved, he claimed he faced difficulties in getting updates on the progress of his other complaint – regarding matters involving his housing loan with a major bank.

He said he was initially contacted by a Bank Negara officer who informed him that she was in charge of his case and asked him to meet her in person on Feb 20 to fill out a complaint form.

She later promised to contact him on the matter by March 6.

Shock email

However, on Feb 24, to his shock, he received an email without any letterhead from a lawyer of the bank he had lodged his complaint against, referring to details of a court case he had initiated against the bank.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court had granted his application to withdraw the suit against the bank with liberty to file afresh only a few days before that – on Feb 21 – he said.

The lawyer in the email said she had been instructed by her client to respond to him directly, referring to his complaint to Bank Negara.

The email, he added, was also sent to several Bank Negara officers, including the one he met on Feb 20.

Dissatisfied and appalled to have received such a “casual email”, the man later replied and questioned why he was receiving a response from the lawyer representing the bank he complained against, instead of Bank Negara to whom he had lodged the complaint.

The man insisted that as the regulatory body, Bank Negara should be the one to reply to his complaint, which was lodged directly with them.

The lawyer, he said, merely told him that she had been instructed to do so after Bank Negara requested her client’s reply directly to him.

Meanwhile, to this day, the man claimed that the Bank Negara officer who was in charge of his case had not responded to him despite her earlier promise to contact him by March 6.

That was why, he said, he lodged an MACC report on March 23 alleging abuse of power by Bank Negara officers, who instead of investigating his complaint, had apparently informed the bank about the case, which he said was unethical.

When contacted, Bank Negara declined to comment, explaining that it is bound by the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 from commenting on any specific individual case.

– M’kini